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kids e-mail
07/22/2007 at 17:08 PM

My 9 year old has been bugging me about getting e-mail for months.  There are so many sites out there I'm not sure which one to go with.  Anybody have one to recommend or NOT recommend?

Don't do it!!! I got my daughter a laptop and she is glued to it, i restrict it but she is constantly on msn , and it really bugs me, i have told her I will take it off her she hides lots of things on it from us, but i have a friend who is an it tech and I have told her, I will get him to hack it and close all her sites down, if she doeasnt cut down, it is her life line but that is coming to an end very soon !!!


MySpace has a 14-year old age minimum, but it is not enforced. MySpace is inappropriate for young kids.  We allow our 9-year old to have one Yahoo email account and we know her password. We allow her a few minutes a day to check her email and we are in the room when she does it. Remember, you are paying for Internet, so you are responsible for what happens on your computer.


Hi, We use Incredimail for our email program.  It's easy and fun to use and free (for the basic package which is fine for the kids).  There is lots of stationary to pick from and graphics and emoticons and fonts.  We love it!  (Hey, they should be paying me  :0)

(mom to 11 year old boy)


First, find out why he wants one. Is it just because he thinks all of his friends have one, or is it because he saw ads for email? This will tell you if he is following his friends, or falling for ads (which can be a problem if he does not try to "weed" out the bad from the good).

Second, ask the parents of his friends if they let their kids have one. If not, then what is the point? My daughter's school assigns one to the kids each year and her teachers can send her messages if needed, so if school is the reason, try to find out if he really needs one at home for something he may already have (when school returns).

Before you do agree, if this is the course you choose, learn the acronyms kids use when they IM. These can be used in email - don't fool yourself in thinking that they can only be effective in IM. Do a search for keeping kids safe online and you will find groups that have information on the acronyms.

Talk to him about how wide open the Internet is, and get his feel for how open he thinks it is. Many kids, and many adults too, do not realize the effects it can have when people abuse it. Encourage him to chat with his friends - in person while they play games and hang out together.

As for which sites are good, and bad, MySpace is the ultimate no-no. I cannot tell you how much trouble they have! There is absolutely no way they can truly monitor who is using their site; people can, and do, lie all the time. Predators search the site, and others like it, for pictures and then use these against kids.

I like Google, which is free. I really like being able to add analytics to it so I can keep track better. This was a bit tricky to get set up, so bear with the site. You might want to search for email for kids. I think there are ok sites, yet I do not know of any that will not require your information because of his age.

If you do choose to do this, I encourage you to balance his time with other activities. I allow my daughter a set time, then she has to spend the same amount of time doing other activities that do not involve general tv watching.

I know this is way more than you asked for; I apologize if this causes you any negative feelings. When I get started, I can go far! Anyway, good luck!


My two children, ages 12 and 10 have AIM accounts.  What is good about it is you can determine who your child will speak to.  They no longer talk on the telephone, everything is through AIM.  The good part of it is they keep in touch with friends, whether they are on vacation or just up late.  You really don't loose touch with anyone.  The down side is you say things you just wouldn't really say in person and things are often taken the wrong way because the reader just has more time to digest it.  Stay far away from Myspace.  No need to have a site where pictures are posted.  Whoever knows you knows what you look like.  Myspace, if used correctly and at the appropriate age is a decent concept, but for a child, stay far far away. 


  Many new trends and fads can be very dangerous.  EVEN children's EMAILS, personal phones w/messaging, etc.  A commercial not long ago showed a young girl at a public place and a man asking her when she was going to post another photo.  That's scary.  No one knows who is reading our kids sites, writing to them (can you tell if someone is adult or kid?)  or even scheming somehow to get information for illegal purposes.  BELIEVE IT!!! Bad things can come from this. Trust me, MySpace is not safe.  Really, is there a need for children to be socializing with invisible people?  Children should be spending their time playing outside, having fun, getting exercise and sharing time with real people that you know and trust.  You won't get that on the internet.  They won't get any of that childhood joy on the internet either.  They'll just grow up to be someone you don't really know.   


2 of my daughters are 14 and 11. They both have emails. I gave them gmail accounts. The rule is that i get the password and they are not allowed to change it. If at any time i go to see whats in there and i cant get in they lose their computer priviliges. All computer priviliges. Maybe till they move out, maybe not. And i will not let them on myspace till they move out or Gaia online. I actually think Gaia is worse. Even neopets is bad but i found a site that is really monitered. I never see cussing, racism, personal pics or information and kids cant go on the chat boards without parental permission before they are a certain age. Best of all to play and get anywhere you actually have to learn. Its powerpets if you ike to look. An email is totally up to you but i would suggest at least making you knowing the password a condition.



you should get him outlookexpress. then he can only send email and recive email.there will be no movies,games,and other bad things


Thanks thats really good.

Try outlook express just download it and you can check her emails and she can check and send emails,its like a family thing you can have your email on their too.