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Fetal Movements
04/25/2007 at 16:42 PM

I'm about 7 months pregnant with my first, and I feel like my baby's movements are completely sporadic. Everything I read says that I should start to notice a pattern in the movements, and that I should monitor the movements daily -- but all I've noticed is that she's really active for a couple days and then she's barely active for a couple days. I feel like the waiting and waiting to feel the baby move has been replaced by worrying that she's not moving enough. Any advice?

Hi mom2b,

I remember worrying constantly about not feeling my baby move enough, I was just a worrier.  I think with your first pregnancy you tend to worry more.

Talk to your doctor and tell him/her your concerns and hopefully they can make you feel better.  If everything is okay at all your check-ups you are probably just being a worried new mom!

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I agree with Marti. Talk to your Dr about it. They will help you out. I know wiht my first i worried about every little thing. Second time around I was more prepared.