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Diaper service
04/26/2007 at 10:19 AM

I'm about to be a new mom, and I'm thinking about using cloth diapers and hiring a diaper service. I've done a bit of research, and I've found that the cost of using disposables is pretty equal to using a diaper service. I'm worried about the practicality though. Not having much experience in the area, I’m worried about adding to the craziness of having a newborn born. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with cloth diapers and if they found it entirely inconvenient or if it was manageable. Also, has anyone laundered the diapers themselves – because I’ve heard that that can save a lot of money too.

Hi mom2b,


I think it is great you are thinking about using a diaper service---from everything I have heard it is so much better for the environment.


Here is a good article about cloth versus disposable diapers, hopefully it will help you make an informed choice.


Diaper Wars: Cloth Versus Disposable - FamilyEducation.com


We use cloth diapers and launder them ourselves. I don't find it inconvenient, you just drop the dirty ones in a pail and every other day run them through the wash. You'll be doing baby laundry anyhow, so putting the diapers thru a cycle is not much more to do. In the summer, you can save on dryer use by drying diapers outside, the sun is good for taking out any stains too. It's so great to walk down the baby aisle at the store and have absolutely nothing to buy, lol. We are expecting a new baby this summer and have a stash of  fitteds, prefolds and covers ready to go!

Here's a good place to talk to lots of other moms who have experience with cloth diapering -



I have done both and a service is definately more expensive than disposible.  I washed my own cloth diapers till the stinky ones became to smelly and more frequent.  This was about the time I would have had to invest in the next size.  If you plan to work after your baby you may find that the child care won't use cloth.  This was the real reason we wen t back to disposible becuase the only real benefit for me was early potty training.


I wash mine at home, there's lots of options out there.  I use fuzzi bunz for an older baby, for newborns use prefolds with bummis wraps.  check out diaperpin.com for more information!