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Adults greeting children
07/30/2007 at 02:05 AM

I have not found this topic discussed yet.

What is proper? If an adult approaches a parent with their children,  does the adult greet the child (or baby/toddler) before the child's parent.. or vice versa?

Please explain your opinion so we can hear how you are arriving at their answer. 


Well to this question I find the answer to be quite easy, the adult first of course. When walking with my children it is very annoying when an adult speaks to my child. This is also confusing for children because they are taught not to speak to strangers. Once I was at a public library with my friend's teenage son and a man approached him to ask him where the bathroom was, this may seen like a small coincident however this man passed a security guard and several other adults before reaching this teenager. So the answer to this question is to always approach the adult first out of respect for the child and the adult.