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4th of July
06/27/2007 at 23:03 PM

Hey All


What is everyone planning on doing for the 4th of July with your kids?


We always spend it with family at the beach and we always go out to the fireworks on the 4th of July and fight the crowds.  The 4th always feels like they holiday where you really want to be out and with other Americans!


Anyone have any special traditions or plans?



Hi Marti,       every year we celebrate the 4th of july with a huge family reunion and cook out . We get to see family that we have not seen in quite a while it is always an exciting time for my family . After the cook out we all go and check out the fire works . We love the crowds!  Oh yea how can I forget .......We all wear RED WHITEandBLUE.


Hi Marti:

The Fourth of July marks the anniversary of the day that my very favorite actress and the idol of my youth, Eva Gabor, died. This year marks the 12th anniversary of her death. Ever since then, at 5 minutes past 1 (co-inciding with the time that she died in California), I stop for 74 seconds of silience; one second for each year that she lived on this earth, then I say some prayers.  Her death really affected me, and it was on that day that thirty years of my life was gone forever. But she's alive here today in spirit.

It is also a day that I just usually stay at home and just simply take it easy. I am not married and I don't have any kids, so at least I can have a nice quiet Fouth of July.




Hey! I usually go with my family to see fireworks and we have a cookout. It creates family memories that last forever.