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Frustrated want to be a better mom
10/12/2010 at 21:00 PM

I am tired of trying. I just got out of college as a dental assistant and when I apply they tell me they want at least two years of experience and try back next year. My husband me and my son are living together and my twin her boyfriend and baby been with us since April. They have not found a job yet. My man is the only one working. I just want something good to come out of this college. I might have to find what I can grab we need the money and it is depressing me and I want the best for my 14 month old son.

It has to be very frustrating looking for work in this economy. My son just graduated highschool in the spring and has been looking for work for nearly 6 months. A local plant just layed off nearly 500 workers. You've got to be burned out. Take a day and go for a run in the park or something. Then get back to looking. Maybe schedule a day off of looking every week or two. My boy did get a couple of day-laborer jobs, roofing and moving rocks. It helped his attitude a lot to earn two days' wages. I know you've just put in all this work to train as a dental assistant, but be open to other jobs, too. I have a friend who had a job in her field, but got laid off and now she's a clerk in a clothing store. A job is a job.

just read this post and hope you were able to find a job and use your degree. sadly lots of college grads finish just to find there are no jobs in there area. our economy is getting worse every day and thats sad. good luck to you and your family.