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Exercise at Home
04/18/2007 at 10:42 AM

I can’t afford to join a gym and am thinking about buying some fitness tapes to do at home. What are the good ones?

I am not an expert on exercise tapes but I have some other ideas. I used to walk around my neighborhood with some headphones on. It helped not to make it as boring. Skating is another one. In-line skating that is or go to a nice park near you.


if u have comcast digital cable, they  have execise tv  on there and have everything. its great!


What about belong to weight management programmme club. That really work for my family and friends.

I really like a FB app called "I just walked." There are also I just ran, I just biked, I just swam. Somehow it is more fun when your family and friends can see that you are doing something.