Dx with aspergers
07/15/2010 at 11:18 AM

Hi, my 9yr old ds has had issues with adhd, and now dx by pyschitrist with asbergers. I'm working with doctor on controling some of his anxiety issues so we can teach him better social skills and to calm down, he is very mentally and physcially hyper. He is taking 1mg of tenex, and .5mg of risperidone. This is fairly new we are on day 4 and I understand it can take up to 10 days to tell if meds are working or not. Its so overwhelming not only trying to control the bad behaviors but also to understand them and provide outlets needed, and find ways to help over come so much anxiety. I'm so worried im not doing the right thing, but trying my best to stay calm and figure this all out, anyone else on the same page? I'm glad we are trying the meds over summer so I can watch him closly. Weve been on the tenex for awhile but the risperidone is the new one. Love to connet with anyone going through some of the same. Ds has very poor social skills, and no paitence for me to hear about them or for me to try and teach him. We have tried many behavior charts/chores charts/ and house rules systems. I want to give him allowance but I cannot find a system that works for us we fail over and over. Any advice out there?