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Due date June 2013
11/02/2012 at 10:39 AM

Hiya everyone, I've just found out I'm pregnant I'm due in June 2012. 24 th by my date I'm 6 weeks 4 days. Hope we can all stay in touch throughout our pregnancies. So after talking to another mum to be a out morning sickness and avoiding it, this morning well today I've had nausea all day fatigue is huge I have little bursts of energy. Anyway hope to hear from a few of you and we can share this wonderful gift.

Ally mum of two boy 6 and girl 4, now pregnant with 3rd, :-)

thats my birthday. im due on the 4th of july.

I'm due June 20th :)

Im due 4th April 1st baby. Just gettin over some of the sicky feeling now and 19 weeks in!!! Can't believe that's almost half way!!! Baby has darted moving which could explain some of the sicky feelings!!! 3rd baby wow, So use to pregnancy by now? Did your other 2 pregnancies feel different? Nicola

I am due mid May with #3. I have 2 girls, 8 and 4. It was a big surprise but we are all very excited.

Hello everyone, We are due June 5, 2013. This is our 1st baby that we have been able to carry this far (We are 16 weeks today). We just found out we are having a boy. :) I am 44 years young and still worry a bit about complications, but am always looking to the bright side and hoping for the best.

I am due June 18th. Our very surprising but very wanted little miracle was conceived around my birthday :-) I only found out 3 weeks ago today, they did a test for safety before a hospital procedure.

Hello all - soon to be first time mom here 11wks /4days- Due July 20th 2013 happily conceived some time around my anniversary in October :)after many months of TTC It's been scary - my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage almost 5 yrs ago - Can anyone tell me - do the fears calm down?? and does the fatigue go away after a while?? Getting ready for my FIRST ultrasound Jan 8th

We too.I am very happy to meet u