Due Oct
02/24/2011 at 14:39 PM


Im 9 weeks tomorrow. Makes me due on 1st Oct.
Just wondering if anyone else out there due around the same time?

Would be nice to chat with some people going through the same thing.

Perhaps you could spare the occasional Sunday to visit her. Doesn't have to be every week. She maybe likes the family to all get together to catch up with each other. Where's the harm in that. Do you visit her already at other times? Sorry, but difficult to reply when only hearing one side of the story sometimes.


I understand where the poster is coming from. I am a very private person, I enjoy time with my wife and kids. I live day to day on a schedule, except on weekends. My weekends are sacred to me. I like to make my own plans, not have others make plans for me and my family.


Perhaps the OP could take the initiative, then?


Why? I judge people by who they are as a person, not what place they hold in the family.