28 weeks and 4 days...who else just started their 3rd trimester?? :)
04/25/2011 at 09:45 AM

So feeling relaxed starting this trimester, but of course very nervous for the upcoming months :\ what are some of your symptoms thus far? My back has been hurting through out my pregnancy, lately I can't get comfortable at night. I keep tossing and turning..and the baby keeps moving alot. It seems like heartburn is kicking in more now :(

Keep good records. Document problems. Document progress.

See if you can get the family court that ordered your divorce to require parenting classes for all of you.


I think what we should be considering here is pure and simply the welfare and happiness of the child and not the wishes of the parents. Don't use the child as a battleground. And by the way, taking the emotional needs of a 6 year old into account is not 'babying'.