hicks contractions
12/27/2010 at 07:06 AM

hi all just wanted to ask if any 1 else is suffering bad with hicks contractions,am due feb 18th but have these contractions very bad for the last 5 weeks or so i have said it to my doctor but they dont seem to worried but they are really bad i cant drive when i get them cause the pain goes down my legs like really bad period pains some times i think am in early labor there that bad does any think its a sign that i will go early

One town I lived in had toys and puzzles at the LIBRARY! Checked 'em out just like books. How COOL is that!

They had framed prints of famous art you could borrow, too. Mona Lisa or The Scream framed and hanging on your wall for three weeks.


My daughter-in-law's mommy group has been thinking about doing something along this line. Many toys are only useful for a few months, then they are just taking up space. Many are expensive, so being able to rent/share them would be helpful. My 14 month old grandson has a few toys he plays with often, the rest, nearly all gifts, just sit there gathering dust. : (

That is awesome, mayamay! My sister is a library director, am going to tell her about this.


Thanks for all of your input. I am glad you think it would be helpful.