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hicks contractions
12/27/2010 at 10:06 AM

hi all just wanted to ask if any 1 else is suffering bad with hicks contractions,am due feb 18th but have these contractions very bad for the last 5 weeks or so i have said it to my doctor but they dont seem to worried but they are really bad i cant drive when i get them cause the pain goes down my legs like really bad period pains some times i think am in early labor there that bad does any think its a sign that i will go early

Hello, hicks contractions are a very normal thing that's why your doctor is not worried about them. From what I have read, the braxton hicks contractions help your uterus get ready for labor and just because you having them often does not mean you are going to go into labor early. In about two weeks you should be 37 weeks and could go into labor and have a healty baby. Just try to relax and good luck with everything!!