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Is your child stubborn?
07/26/2012 at 14:15 PM

Discipline can be so difficult! However, one thing I have learned that all children are different, therefore all of them need to be disciplined different.

I found though that there is a common ground amongst all parents and their complex relationship with their children.

Love, Love, and Love.

Being a Christian (Jehovah Witness to be exact), the bible provides plently of guidelines and principals to help families communicate, especially with the disciplining of children.

I totally agree. There is not replied post to this discussion yet. Its surprising though believe its a hot issue these days. I would definitely suggest parents to make a gap of at least 3-4 years in between siblings. The more the gap is the more are the brighter chances to groom, bring up and educate your infant, toddler and then baby. By the age your boy or girl is of 3-4 he/she shall understand the presence of new born and may have the best possible tendency to accept his/her negligence by the mother. I am again not saying that there is no jealousy. Its going to be there becasue it's a natural psychological department you cant escape but then you can cope with that easily. Cheers. Love to have your feedback.

each child takes to dicsipline different therfore parents need to take a different approuch to each child. i agree with lots of love and being consistent and hld your ground try not to give in.