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Why have parents stopped spanking??
05/01/2014 at 17:34 PM

For thousands of years parents spanked their children and it has always worked. Now with this new California style of parenting your not supposed to spank your children because.... I don't know. Spanking teaches real world Consequences for their actions. I'm sure a lot of it is that you're parents spanked you and you decided that since you didn't like it you wouldn't do it to your kids. We'll guess what... That's why they don't behave. If they say you don't love them because you spank them tell them it's because you love them that you spank them because it will keep them out of prison when they are older. If what your doing is not working try something different go back to the old school and see the results. As I tell my friends, family and anyone who will listen " have you ever tried sitting down with your kids turn off the TV and hitting them?" Let me know what you think.

What do I think....you are so "wrong. Violence breeds violence and you are just teaching them that it is right to solve problems with it. Yes, sit down with them, but instead of hitting them, try talking. There are other sanctions you can use too. Does hitting your children give you a little power trip?

Parents stopped hitting their kids because decades of research have shown: 1. Parents become associated with pain and kids will eventually avoid you, ignore you, or become passive aggressive. Parents actually become less effective disciplinarians. 2. Spanking teaches that love and pain go together. Girls who are spanked a lot will be more likely to tolerate abusive relationships later. 3. Spanking raises anxiety which interferes with a child's ability to do schoolwork. Kids disciplined this way don't do as well in school. 4. Spanking teaches that aggression is an acceptable way to solve problems. 5. Spanking weakens a child's attachment to parents. 6. The lessons from spanking don't seem to sink in long term. Kids don't learn to behave well on their own. 7. There are much more effective methods of discipline that don't damage kids socially and emotionally and behaviorally. Catch your kids being good!

Spanking to me is not a way to discipline children. I believe that it teaches them to be violent and to hit back. A pop on the hand or but is ok but whipping them or beating them with a belt is unacceptable. People need to talk with there children and explain what they have done wrong and explain the consequences of there actions. Take what they love best away from them for example: video games, cell phones, computers, toys ect.

Spanking may work in the short term but in the long term it will cause difficulties and the relationship with you and your child will be adversely affected. Times have changed. It's no longer as acceptable to use physical punishment to discipline your child. Disciplining can be done verbally now (time out for young children now,confiscating their favourite toys, etc.)

Controlling defenseless others never worked on my family although I imagine it completely PLEASED our ignorant parents. Abuse and inducing FEAR may make some mentally ill parents happy but it sure doesn't prevent a kid from ending up as a criminal. Our dad's terrifying violence sent my older brother to State Prison for armed robbery! You beat your kids because you can! Who or what can stop you? HAVE YOUR SADISTIC FUN!

to: Junieg. LOL, "hitting" sure gave my sadistic parents a thrilling power trip!

LOL, re: "A pop on the hand or but is ok" - yet can be as damaging as any other form of physical violence even if the angry Abuser thinks it's OK. This just goes back to the angry Abuser's NEED for REVENGE.