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What should i do?
06/14/2007 at 22:34 PM

Hi I am in a bad situation here,My son is 7 years old and is the spawn of a devil !! really I am truely serious and am about 97% convienced my son is the spawn of the devil!!He will threaten to stab his father with a screwdriver, because his father was playing and running around the house with him,He has already attacked his father numereous times throughout his 7 years of life,He has attacked his Grandfather today,his grandfather wich is 78 years old he kicked him all because gramps was not fast enough to come to my 7 yr old son when he first called for gramps to come to him,he has already attacked poor gramps before and his little 4 year old sister he constantly picks at her, threatens to hit her and has hit her before, and me his own mother he has already hit me while i was driving a car, he throws hard objects and toys at me... I have tried almost every form of discipline on him but none of it works!! WHAT CAN I DO??? i was actually thinking about calling the police on him and have them come and give him a little talking to maybe give him a scare do you think that would be appropreiate to do???please help!!!

This is a very serious problem, and I think you'll need some professional help. I don't think you need to scare him, but I do think he needs to learn some better strategies for dealing with frustration and impatience. He may also have something biological going on. It's terrible what a chemical imbalance can do to a child. I would talk to your doctor about this as soon as possible. They should be able to referr you to a specialist. I hope that you and your son can get the help you need. 


I agree with the other reply, it's time to seek professional help.  He seems to have some anger managemnt issues that need to be address QUICKLY!!