Step parenting and teenager family issues
12/08/2010 at 15:00 PM

I just found this board and this is my first post. I have a TON of step parent issues. My wife of almost 5 years and my almost 13 year old son do not get along. I take that back...he gets along fine with her, and she rides the hell out of him and knit picks on everything it seems to me.

She says I make excuses for him. I feel bad for him, and only sometimes I take her side. She yells and is pretty mean I think.

Gawd. I could type forever on this. Can somebody just tell me if my son needs to listen and follow directions better for an almost 13 year old, or do kids forget, space thigns off, and not do a job very well when given chores. Can you give your kid too many chores?

I am so fursturated I cant even explain myself right now. I should just delete this.

Should a step mom be yelling at my kid? Should she be bossing him around and telling him what to do. Should she talk down to him? (ok no). Shoudl she even be doing any discipline. When is it too much discipline? Seems like she makes him write sentences every night for not doing something he was told to do. He keeps a list of chores to get done after school. But he will forget things we told him that seem common sense -- like putting dirty dishes away instead of back in the sink to be re-ran through the dishwasher. Just doing half assed chores type of stuff.