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Public Tantrum
09/10/2013 at 20:40 PM

Today my almost 2yr old had her first public tantrum, I must say it is not a pleasant experience I don't know if I handled it well or not but please do guide me if you have experienced this before. This is how it all started; we were at a store and I went to the children's section to look for a dress for my other daughter and the toy section was right next to it. As soon as she saw the toys she wanted one, I did let her play with one but it was really loud so I switched it with another not so loud one but she didn't liked it I ended up taking the toy from her and I was about to look for another one to give to her but since the store personnel was nearby (and they are usually saying over the speaker phone "please don't let your children play with the toys" etc..) I felt sort of guilty grabbing a toy for my daughter to play with since I knew I was not going to buy it so I started to walk away from the toy section that made my daughter really upset she started crying so loud that pretty much the entire store heard. As I was trying to get away from the toy section I was trying to calm her down trying to show other things, I ended up standing in another aisle still trying to calmed her down but she just wouldn't (by that time everyone was giving me the evil eye) suddenly a woman (who seem like the store manager) came up to me as if she was a social worker and started asking me if my baby was ok, why she was crying, (daughter has a birth mark on her forehead) she asked what had happen to her in her forehead, and questions that certainly make you think that what she was trying to see if had done something to my daughter. I was already feeling bad because I could not calm her down and then with this lady making me feel like a horrible parent I felt even worse, she eventually calmed down because I told her we would called daddy and we did and she was happy again. I had never felt so bad and humiliated when I left the store I could not help to hold my tears because of the way the lady came at me, I can understand their concern but to come at me like I was some bad parent I think was too much. What do you parents think? Should I have handled it differently?