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Physical punishments?
07/31/2013 at 10:07 AM

Do you apply physical punishments for disciplining children, for example for serious offences like lying and stealing?
What methods of such punishment are not abusive but work?

You might check out the American Academy of Pediatrics website for doctors' opinions on spanking and paddling. For my own children and my students alike, I believe children are still learning what's wrong and what's right. Children don't come to the earth automatically knowing right from wrong. I use time outs for students and my own children. I sit down with both and we talk. I ask questions like - what were you thinking? What exactly happened? What did you want to happen and how would you do it differently if you had it to do over? There's an old saying - the punishment should fit the crime. For a child who lies, I tell the child people will come to distrust you - is that what you want? Why did you steal? Do you want people to steal from you? Go, sit down for 15 minutes, think about those questions and then we'll talk and try to figure out how to go forward from here. I think that kind of punishment fosters responsibility in a child rather than just plain fear.

If my kids were lying and stealing like I did as a child, I'd stop to recall why I did it and then go from there to HELP my kids do better than I and my very inadequate parents did. MY PARENTS WERE THE PROBLEM!