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06/04/2007 at 16:56 PM

I think i'm fed up! I have no clue what to do. My son is three he will be four in August. He went from very soft spoken to overactive in school in what seems to be overnight. I have since changed his school but his behavior continues to get worst. I try not to pust him too much because of his age but he is out of control. He acts like this mostly at school never around me. I've tried taking away the TV watching. I talk to him everyday. I try to reward good behavior but nothing seems to work. I think I need super nanny. Please help any advice would be greatly appreciated 

Hi tnm,


Welcome to the boards.  I think that 3 is a hard age especially for boys.  I know my brother and his wife had the same sort of problems with my nephew at that age.  And I think that all of us feel like we need Super Nanny from time to time, she is wonderful!


What type of behavior is he having problems with at school?  I am not sure what he is getting in trouble for or how he is out of control.


My only advice is to keep punishing the bad behavior and rewarding the good behavior.  Also, I think you are doing the right thing by talking to him about it a lot.


Anyone else have any ideas?




I think what suprises me is he acts like another child at home than he does at school. In school its mostly listening that he has a problem with. The teacher has a hard time getting him to settle down sometimes. Nap time he wants to run around and not alot of fighting but it is an issue sometimes. He knows right from wrong, he can tell me what he is do to and what he is not to do. I'm trying its just fustrating to hear that he is being bad when I pick him up from school


HI, I have two boys  at the ages of 12 and soon to be six. I think honestly its the boy and the teacher. I use to be one. If the two do not or are not able to connect then he is not going to listen. I would go and talk to the teacher and see what she does when he is good. What does she do when he acts out. Having the right teacher is the biggest thing I can think of. I was lucky. I work at school so I new how other teachers taught and reacted to each of their kids. So I did not have that problem. Even in pre-school. The right teacher makes a big difference. Talk to  his teacher. Ask to sit in the class room if possible. There is a reason just finding it is hard. I have a seventeen year old now I am having problems with. I posted that question on the home page. Good luck, boys are fun. Mine are my soul.


Boys are just hyper and need to be understood. I have worked in daycares and been a nanny and am now a mom of 3, including a 6 year old boy. He is all boy! They need consistancy, love, patence, and room to run. They need to know there boundaries are strong sturdy walls because they will test them often. They need to know that they are not bad just their actions are not aceptable. They need to have a good relationship with their caregivers/teachers/parents. My son is really good if I just take time to do something with him everyday(read a book, do a puzzle, give him some one on one atention). If I don't he is whinny and out of control. I have noticed if he zones out in frount of tv or vidio games, he acts more out of control. I have to let him run around atleast everyother day at a park. I  give him to the count of three when he is out of control to fix it him self or I do time out in his room or in the corner. I have him think about what he did and then come talk to me about what it was and how he can do differently. He just is out of control sometimes and needs some time to himself. I give my son chores and responsibilities like helping out with his little sister. Boys need to feel in control and need to feel like they are doing something productive. I have been lucky and have had 2 wonderful teachers so far. They let him put a sticker on a page everyday and if he gets one all week he gets to pick a prize. He has had to sit out at reses once or twice but usually that sticker is pretty important. 

The best advise I got was" pick your battles". The thing you concentrate on the most is what they will do. If they get the most atention being bad that is what they will do.


It could be your son is bored with the curriculum at school.  I was a teacher at a Parents day out an a girl scout leader.  I found that I had to have extra things for those boys in my class that easily lost interest in what I was trying to teach them.  I had to find other things for them to do that did  interested them or that they like.  I also had a child who had the similar issues in school.  We had her check out medically, made sure she was physically ok and we had her eyesight checked out.  We found out that her eyesight was verrrrry poor.  She ended up with glasses, it helped her lot because she could see the teachers faces and those of her classmates and was able to read them and know what was going on.  She could see what the teacher was telling or showing her.  I know that girls are way different than boys.  But her eyesight was so poor she didnt even know what Clouds looked liked until she got her glassses.   My daughter still has ADD issues but they are not ADHD issues.


Thanks for all the feedback. I am working with my son to help him is his behavior. He is a great kid and with the information provided, i think I gain a better understanding of little boys.