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My 8 year daughter seems to be rebelling
04/07/2008 at 10:37 AM

My daughter is 8 and for a couple months now has been horrible to deal with. She is moody, talks back, mimicks, BIG attitude problem. She lies to myself and my husband all the time. You can ask her a simple question and she still lies. I have taken everything away from her that is elctronic and she does not care. Please help

my daughter elizabeth is 11 and she used to give me an attitude until my new hubby moved in and started beating her butt with a cane. now shes an angel

Strictmomf, is your new hubby Knick? Sounds like his kind of violence.

I do not know if there were lately recent changes in your surroundings. Childsren tend to act out as soon as they experience a emotion that they can not deal with or understand. Spanking is definitly not the answer, that might rather push her or have a temperally change before the storm. I am sure there is time that you want to loos it and scream at her, or maybe you fight with her. Either way, you are loosing it. A very simple method to use :(that is if their is really nothing that could effect her emotions) Be patient. Take a chair put it in the middle of the room, everytime she needs to be dicipline let her sit for an hour on the chair. If she gets of, you put her back. The hour only starts when she sits still. Yu explain to her once why she will sit on the chair for an hour. Then you stop talking, if any words get out of your mouth it should only be gentlebut very firm, you will get on that chair and sit for an hour. The first few times is hell because you have to stay calm and firmand take the time to make sur she sits on the chair - remember no smalltalk during this " sitting" Later you will just mention chair and she will know even if. Children are constantly testing our authority. Also try to stimulate her, it might be that she is bored and create her own world. Good luck and do not despai.I have seen such children become great strong personality grown-ups - but they need bounderies and a firm hand

strictmomf - What if when you are an old lady in a nursing home, the staff beats you with a cane when you get an attitude; will you want your daughter to step in and protect you? You are repulsive... Do us all a favor and don't give anybody advice!! Please continue to solicit advice because God knows you need it.

It has been suggested that a child be given a time out equal in minutes to her age. An hour of time out for an eight year old is way too much, the lesson gets lost. Children don't learn respectful communication on their own, you should gently model the way you want her to interact with you and others. When she lies and talks back tell her you can not talk with her until she wants to be respectful and truthful.

Obviously time out goes according to the age of children by ignoring the child she might find a more negative way to act out but I have never tried that. Will love to hear if that works. I do not querie that just wondering if that might not make the child feel rejected and nt her actions.

Of course if you tell your child you can not talk to her as long as she is "talking back" then you should give her your complete attention when she is respectful.