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My 5 year old daughter is being disrespectful.
04/03/2012 at 01:31 AM

My daughter who just turned 5 years old is getting more and more disrespectful. She is a very independant, outgoing, intelligent little girl. Lately she has become more challenging. She is doing what she wants (and when she wants), she speaks to me the way she chooses, and when I try to discipline her it's to no avail. She will yell at me, saying "NO!" I have tried time out, nose in the corner, taking things away, going to her room, rewards for good behavior (which only made her want a toy EVERYTIME we go to a store), making her aware of her brothers behavior (he is a very responsible 7 year old), etc. Does anyone have any advice as to what my other options are?

You need to provide counseling to your five years old daughter from any good institute.

Some time when you are both calm, not in the middle of things, teach her what the correct response is to your direction.

“5 Years old” that is a tender age if you wouldn't be able to teach her etiquettes’ she'll become stubborn and annoyed. I think you should choose a counselor and follow their guidance.

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thats very true.

Sweetie, maybe where you went wrong is allowing her to do the 1st time..and as time goes by they think it's ok to do since you have allowed from the beginning. I know that it sounds so cute at 1st but you will be surprised how much they already know as you can see how your little one is already acting. Please do not compare your son to her because that will only add to the problem and it's possible it could get worse. You need to see her as an individual..and I know that your at your wits end but don't show her that need to stand firm and let her know that from now on you will be telling her what to do and don't give her choices. Good Luck sweetie, Linda

I would recommend reading the Love and Logic Early years book first off. If the child is acting that way it probably didn't just suddenly begin. If you look back there is probably a pattern of increasing disrespect and behavior that is generally unacceptable. I would also look at her peer group in her school and her play mates. She could be learning some of her behavior from them. This is why it's important to model good behavior and home and reinforce it at every opportunity.

It is just the starting of her life,you need to show some love to her and also caring behavior.And if it not works just consult with some counselor.But showing more love can be very handy.
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