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Kids peeing outside?
06/18/2012 at 00:18 AM

The strangest thing happened today. My five year old, Grace, was swinging when she jumped off and ran up to me. "Mama I have to go potty," Grace had said, so I replied with "Then go potty, Grace." She turned and ran towards her and Hope's little fort house. I ran after and said, "What are you doing?" "Me and Hope have a potty in here because we don't like going inside," Grace replied simply, and she pulled down her shorts and squatted over a pile of pine needles. I'd understand little boys doing this, but a little girl? It doesn't seem right. Any other parents dealing with this kind of issue?

One of the things I had to teach my little girls was how and when to go potty in 'the wild'. I think it's great that your little girl took the initiative. I can see that you would like to encourage her to go inside, the outhouse is going to smell because anatomy and clothing do make it inconvenient for girls to change the venue.

Maybe you should sit down with her and ask her exactly why she does not like to 'go potty' inside. Maybe there is a good reason that might make her want to go outside. Also, maybe it will blow over. Kids tend to get all kinds of strange stages. As long as it does not go on for too long, I can see it as a harmless situation. Just keep an eye on the situation.

It seems a little odd to me. I would talk to her and find out why she wants to do this and not in the house. With boys they literally have contests of how long and far they can go together which is odd to me as well but a little less. I know I would have the same talk with my son as well if this was the case.