Ideas for rewards for children under 10?
02/18/2011 at 01:43 AM

I am looking for ideas for *FREE* Ideas for rewards for children under ten.

I have a system in place where the children earn "allowence" ("allowence" in quotes because they don't get money, they get special dollars that get them rewards) for each day ALL their chores are finished. (More is explained about the system at the bottom if you care to know the details) I have a little "store" set up where they can spend their "allowence." I need more free rewards for the system however, because spending money on trips to the store to get toys or goodie or going out for pizza or to chucky cheeses is too expensive to do EVERY WEEK if one (or more!) of the children is exceptionally good.

Here is a list of free rewards I have already, so there is no need to repeat them:
@Computer time
@Time on the video games
@Extra TV time during the week
@Having special deserts on Sundays
@Staying up late on Fridays
@Having a freind sleep over
@Having a family movie night
@Getting to chose dinner for one night
@A Free pass to skip one chore
@Getting to pick the game for Family Game Night

I was hoping to have a little more variety to the rewards they can earn, but going to Chucky Cheeses (Their favorite reward) is something I just can't do every week. So I took down this as a reward and it is simply part of the once in a while things we do as a family. Other then that the other money using rewards they can get are:
@Candy (No more than $1.25 worth)
@A trip to the store
@Going to see a movie
@Getting pizza/other favorite fast food
@And of course little toys (we save big toys for presents, they don't need to spend points for them)

Does anyone have any other suggestions for *FREE* rewards for my "store?"

(Just repeating the*FREE* one more time, because I have gotten several replies on a seperate post that include: candy, movies, games, trips to chucky cheeses, and several other money consuming items)

One chore undone? no "allowence" for the day. This shows them that all their chores are equally important, they do not earn "allowence" for each chore indevidually, because then they would do the chores that earned the most, while leaving the lesser earning chores behind. This is for the children who are school aged, the younger ones get stars for each "Above and beyond" day they have, (which you can inquire to me about personally if you want to know about!) which they get rewards for indevidually.