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Help for spanking mothers!!
05/22/2008 at 13:48 PM

I need help please! I spank my kids too much I want to stop this I do not have control of myself . pls help.

Maybe you should read the thread we have on here about spanking. There are lots of opinions to start you off with. I am glad that you realise that spanking is not the answer though.

Hi Gentle If you believe that you are out of control and you spank your children too much then I think that you need to get yourself help so that you do not hurt your children. Seek professional help immediately. Marti

Hi gentle3. Do you have any resources through your health insurance? Sometimes you can call an employee assistance program and it's confidential or you can get two or three sessions with a psych doctor. Ask for help. Im glad you realize you need to change things. trust me, spanking does not work girl; it only causes additional problems for your kids and for you.

You shld definitely seek counceling for anger management. My husband and I have learned that spanking is not the answer either. I want my kids to have good self-esteem and feel they can come to me when they have a problem, not be afraid of me. The best thing that has worked for us is nipping a situation in the bud before we get angry. Our kids get two chances to correct their behavior. If by the third chance they still aren't listening, they either get a time-out or we take something away from them. The key is to be CONSISTENT!! I just ordered a book that was recommended by someone in this forum. It's called 1-2-3 Magic. It has great ideas and also has helped us in better disciplining our children. Don't give up! I hope this helps.

Spanking only teaches fear. Your local abuse hotline will give you resourses to help you break the cycle of abuse. The above advice is very good also. Sometimes you may need to put yourself in time out also to give yourself time to calm down. In each situation ask yourself, would you spank your friend's child? NO! So, if you want your children to want to be your friend when they are older and want them to come to you and trust you, NO SPANKING!!!