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Teenager talk bad about me and friends and friends parent don't like me
12/09/2012 at 04:36 AM

I have a 17 years old daughter that I have custody. I was divorced when she was 4 years old. All along, all thru the divorce, I have always told my daughter to always respect and listen to her dad. I thought me and my ex were on the same page when it came to parenting. to my surprise, All through out my ex was actually bad mouthing me all along. Now, My daughter hates me regardless of what I do. She yells at me, talks back and provoke me to the point of anger. She seldomly bring her friends over for me to meet them. She was even embarrased to walk with me at the mall. Just recently, I have found out that my daughter has been bad mouthing me saying that I'm such a horrible mom. My daughter's friends mom does not even like me. One of the other mom even avoids me. until I realized what has been going on. I felt bad for my daughter because she was a victim of "parental alienation syndrome". My ex had alienated her from me causing for her to only believe what my ex tells her all the horrible things about me that is not true. I have lost a relationship with my daughter. NOw, she is with her dad, and stays with her friends in the weekend. She does not want to come home. Her dad does not answer any of my call. Her friends mom does not even update me if she is at her place for the weekend, even if I nicely asked her to please update me. I left her voice message and she responds back in a text letting me know after the fact, when dad had already picked her up or has been at her place for a day. She even have my daughter call her "mommy". I feel like now I'm dealing with my ex, my daughter and daughters friends mom that is all against me. They are winning the fight. so hard to see, after I was a single mom with no support from my ex until she was nine. Fully responsible for her with homework, schools, after school activities, doctors appt, etc... it hurts how a someone can just turn things around....don't know how to get her back or should i let her go?... as what she always say, i will be eighteen in five months. thank you.