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Getting my daughter's hair brushed.
09/30/2012 at 10:39 AM

My daughter has a lot of curly hair and it knots up so easy. And her hair is really thick! I have to fight her every day. It is so frustrating. And my mother just intervenes and then she does her hair but it looks messed up when my mother does it. I wanna get it done but she wont let me. What do I do??

Im blessed to have a child with straight easy hair but it is still such a fight. I try to brush her hair when she is watching a show or eating breakfast. It doesn't always work but sometimes I can distract her enough to get me 5 or ten minutes. Good luck! The grandma thing is tough too. I would just sweetly tell her that you rant hurting her and she needs to learn to let mommy brush her hair.

my daughter was like that at the age of three and my mother had to intervene as well. i eventually bought her the shampoo with added detangler and took her shopping to pick out new hair bows and headbands to wear if she would let me comb it. also the spray in detanglers work wonders as well. good luck hope this helps.

You can actually buy new hair accessories for your child. Kids love them and she will be really keen on getting her hair done. Or you could do her hair in front of her fav television channel, so that she is hooked to it and lets you do your thing. Get a serum and apply it on wet hair. It is easier to remove the knots and comb it.

I have to fight my daughter too on the hair, every day! I bought some de-tangling spray, which I call the "MAGIC" spray that all the princesses use, and now she lets me brush her hair. But it is still a struggle - you are in it for the long haul! Don't give up!

It's a struggle for us as well. I now also use a detangling spray so it hurts less when we brush the hair, but it's still a fight sometimes.