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Frustrated MOM
03/06/2009 at 13:54 PM

1. He gets eggs out of the ferige and throws them down
2. He poors out any cups he gets his hands on
3. He chases dogs and anyone around with bats or swords

Those are just a couple things we have issues with.
I have a very smart two year. He is more active then any other child I've ever met. I am very thankful I had him at an early age because I would not be able to keep up with him other wise. But lately I feel like there is no end to his horrible embarrassing behavior. Anywhere we go he screams he wants out of the stroller or buggy. But when he is out he just runs away from me and hides in clothes racks or throws things off the shelf. I have stopped letting him get out after many failed attempts to work with him to stay by my side. Now I have to listen to him scream THE WHOLE TIME. It doesn't matter where we are the grocery store or the mall. I don't think I should have to get a sitter every time I need to run an er-on. I enjoy my son being with me. But I can't shop, People look at me like I've been beating him because he's crying to hard, and it makes me upset with him he acts that way. My son is VERY stubborn. If I spank my son he just laughs at me. Sitting him in time out is impossible because he is SO active. It's like he doesn't understand the concept of punishment. and For the longest time I've just used positive reinforcement. But there is a difference in getting into something and being able to redirect him and him doing something bad like pushing another child off the slide at a playground where he needs to be punished.

Does anyone have any creative ways to punish kids this young to make them understand. He is one of the smartest two year olds I've met but just this one problem makes our life so stressful. I just don't know what to do anymore! I am tired of feeling like I'm not getting through to him.

Sounds like the terrible twooos to me. They can definitely be a pain. What you need to do is be consistent. I really dont think spanking works that great they figure that one out quick. Well the corner is my first option, and I know you said he keeps getting out but you need to pick him up and take him back every time. You may need to do this a lot, until he realizes you are not budging!!! Then when he finally calms down you need to get down to his level (kneel) and talk to him about what he did wrong and let him know you will put him in the corner again if he misbehaves. Another one that worked for me was putting them in their room and closing the door. Of course make sure they cant hurt themselves with anything in their and hold the door shut with your hand and talk to him through the door and let him know he will stay in his room until he is ready to act right. Then follow up with the talking to him about what he did. I have 4 children so I know too much about this age. My youngest is 18 months old and is already starting a little. So I ammmm readddyy. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!

1. Put a lock on your fridge. Or, a tie-down strap works nicely. 2. Get cups with snap on or push down lids that he cannot open. 3. Get rid of all toys he uses to hit anyone. Then talk, talk, talk to him!!!! Explain to him the desired behavior. Next time you are in a store, get an employee to explain the store rules of being quiet and well mannered while there. It may not seem so now, but he will grow out of this and it will also take patience to help him overcome these bad habits. Set a timer and hold him in time out if you have to. Two minutes for a 2 y/o, 3 for 3 y/o, etc. Good luck!

I agree. Create an environment for your son where he can't do the things he's doing. Also, if you can avoid bringing him shopping, do so. Talk to your son, yes, but use simple, short directives so he can best understand you. Be stern, and stick to your guns. Keep your son entertained w/ whatever catches his attention. If he's happy, you're happy. Curiousity is all part of the learning process. Don't discourage these things too much. Maybe just make it possible for your son to explore in the appropriate places. If he likes to dump out water from cups, let him do so in the tub or outside. If he likes to break eggs, let him help you make a simple recipe. My kids used to pull all their clothes out of their drawers and throw them around their room. We had to put locks on EVERYTHING! Hopefully the terrible twos will pass soon. Hang in there.

How are things going with your situation?

Well It's nice to hear that i'm not the only parent who is going through things like this. But I have been around alot of kids in my life and none of them have even come close to him. I am really wondering if he might have some behavioral issues. His dad and my sister have severe a.d.d. I am looking into taking him to a child therapist. I do not want to medicate my child but if he does have something like this I as a parent want to know what I can do different to make it easier on me. It's gotten to the point where noone wants to watch him. I do not want my child to suffer because of something I could be doing differently. I am consistant with him. We have cups with lids. In fact we had to switch to soft nipple sippy cups to hard ones because he learned to push them in and dump them out. I can't take a bath by myself, or use the restroom with out him getting into something. And the things he does are big things. I wonder how did he do that while I was 5 feet away just using the restroom. What gets me is how smart he is, yet so defiant. I am literally pulling my hair out. As harsh as this is to say, he makes me not want more kids. Don't get me wrong I love my son but I can't imagine having two that acts this way or even having another child who is good and having to deal with him also!!!

I think since ADD runs in the family, you shld have your son evaluated. It may be hard to detect anything at this young age, but it's good to look into anyway. It cld just be the terrible twos, or it cld be something more. Ask your son's dr for a referral to a specialist. Please keep us posted on how things go.