Does anyone have an adult child with this syndrome? My daughter was just diagnosed last year!! - FamilyEducation
Does anyone have an adult child with this syndrome? My daughter was just diagnosed last year!!
08/09/2007 at 10:15 AM

My 34 yr old daughter was not diagnosed with aspbergers until last year!!!!  We were a military family and while they told us she had a learning disability the syndrome was never mentioned.  Even after my retirement from the army and a move to Austin we had her enrolled in MHMR, a local pcychologist for therapy, etc. again nothing about autism.  We lost years and years of the proper treatment, and it has been extremely distressing.
I now leave in a smaller town in the Hill Country of Texas and have found a local program she is enrolled in that is finally reaching out and giving her the treatment is has needed for so long, emotionall, physcially and mentally.  They even found her a job at the local theatre as an usher that she dearly loves and her employers and other workers love her as much.  That as been so lovely to see her happy and busy.  I recently sent her to visit with her father, I had to have a break for a few weeks. Its not easy dealing with an adult 34 year old woman
who is emotionally about 12 years old.  She frequently is emotional and hormonal.  I realize that is all quite normal for this, but it does get exhausting and to never get the hugs, smiles and kisses I always received with her older brothers and sisters sometimes is heartbreaking.  She'll be home soon and is anxious to get back to work.  I was wondering if anyone else has suggestions as to diet, medications, anything that might be beneficial to her future happiness.
thanks, Karen


I am glad she is getting treatment, but, you need to seek advice from professionals in this arena, not layman. Your situation is not a simple problem and will probably reqire counseling and/or monitoring. Even if there was nothing more that could be done, you would be well served seeking support from national associations and local mental health associations, a good place to start looking is a local church.

(If anyone has experience in this area, please direct this lady to associations or organizations which will help her and her daughter.)

Right now, you are doing a fine thing just by being there for her. Bless you both and good luck!

DaMoKi Bob


Hi, we are at the other age end here, my son is 6 and not long diagnosed (even we are frustrated that it took us so long to figure out what was going on with him).  There is a Yahoo group called MASK that has a group of wonderful parents that have all had different experiences (you'll find that everyone has a unique journey getting here) and they give great support and suggestions.  Hang in there, things get a little easier when you know exactly what it is you are dealing with!  It's a learning process for all. 


Hi, I am in the same situation as you. My son was recently diagnosed with Asperger's; he is 6. Our daughter is being reevaluated now and she is 16. She was diagnosed with ADD, ODD, and as being bipolar which I understand can be a misdiagnosis or part of the AS. Where can I find more help with AS and talk with more parents with the same issues. My children are both wonderful and I wouldn't trade them for anything but it does get hard dealing with this every day. My husband and I feel alone and don't know how to cope with some of the every day challenges that we face. It seems as though our son is regressing. Our daughter has meltdowns and we never know what our lives will hold next.


My son was diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome when he was 7 just after they diagnosed ADHD. He is now 18. Autistic Spectrum Disorders vary so much in degree from one end of the scale to the other. My son is now at college and doing well. Have you considered trying Omega 3 and 9. It has remarkable results for many people with ASD or ADHD.


I have a 17 year old daughter that was diagnosed with Aspergers when in the 4th grade.  She has been on meds for ADHD since she was 3.  I also teach special education at an elementary school.  My heart is with you!  It is exhausting to have to  explicitly teach EVERY social skill needed to navigate life with others.  The emotional roller coaster you ride with your daughter seems endless.  But it will get better. The right medications have greatly helped my daughter to be in an emotional position to LEARN the skills she needs.  The "melt-downs", anxiety and impulsivity have decreased greatly.  Arm yourself with knowledge and DON'T GIVE UP!! 


I was diagnosed in my late twenties.  I am a middle school special education teacher here in Texas.  I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 



i am new 2 the board i see that it been almost a yr i hope u read this my son is 13 he has been dign w/ adhd since he was 5 about 9 or 10 was dign/ w/ odd and this last yr w/ a mood disorder dr r currenlty r/o bipolar and autism i am struggling w/ him due to massive agrresion outburst they use to be mild and freq. but now less freq. & more severe he has gotten physical one in feb by pulling a pair of scirrors on his step dad and then grabing his eye hair & private about 2 weeks ago he seek a psy, counseler and attend a day camp during the summer tho counseling agency he also attend anger management but nothing complety works i keep trying to learn and keep trying different aproches w/ him try to help him when he startes school he is in a behavior modification program at shool that work w/ reward and level and pts it help at school i have tryed it at hime but it doesn't work because i have not been able to manage the program & raise 7 other kid all at different age groups so u ar not alone i know how it feels i hope that u have gotten the help that u need and i send my prays out tou and everyone els that r in our shoes good luck

Hello Karen I don't have a child with Autism but over the years I have done a bit of research on that subject and ADD as i believed my daughter has ADD. From all the info I have read I would suggest you take your daughter off all wheat products and all dairy food. I would also give her a good quality fish oil (not farmed fish). There is a web sight that I read that comes out of the U.S that you might be interested in. All the Best Rosemary

I suspect my 25 year old daughter may be high functioning aspbergers. I'm afraid she may be devastated if I bring it up. She has had social interaction issues her whole life. And seems to have no interest in conversing with others. Although she has friends and does have a social life. I feel like she is pretending, or modeling behaviors that others display just to get by. How can I help her? I feel terrible.

through experieance with caring for a child who is now 23 whom belonged to a friend of mine i done research and we found that children with AS get along better and speak better through animals they show more care and take great responsibility in the upbringing of the animals they take care of. im not sure why they connect emotionally that way. now she is a grown adult lives on her own with several pets works a full time job but, really dont show much interest in a physical relationship. her docter said thats part of AS.