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Do people judge your parenting style much? what do you think about this?
07/25/2012 at 15:41 PM

I think my children are disiciplined decently. My children are 2 and 4 1/2 and people often make comments about how I don't spank and make me feel like an idiot cause I don't spank. and will even say under their breath 'bust their a$$' And look at eachother like they can't believe my kids are running off in a resturant and nto sitting at the table. They are always spanking their kids for EVERYTHING when I'm around like to make sure I'm watching how it's done. I'm talking in public and in anger hard and like 5swats on their 1 1/2 year olds bottom and then yelling at him. Here's the thing, I DO spank. After time out fails I spank them. but they think I should spank more and HARDER. I don't understand why.

I will say "I wish I could have a glass globe in my living room but my kids would probably break it" and they will say "I spank my kids when they do" and I say "I do too but they do it again later" and she says "well then your not spanking them hard enough cause..." and then just shake her head and stop talking.
The people who criticize me are parents who I dont believe are amazing mothers. their children don't have any schedules in their day.
basically these parents don't worry about if their child needs a nap or is ready for bed or if it's time for them to eat, they just expect heir children to behave correctly and hit them good and hard when they act up. And they want me to do the same. My kids have schedules and there is sometimes a good reason if they act up. So am I giving my kids excuses when they act up, or are these parents jelious of my parenting style or am I just a weirdo who makes sure my kids are well fed don't get much sugar and are well rested to prvent them for acting up too much. I am so confused as to why people get mad at me when I tell them 'my kids can't have that much sugar cause they will act up' and then give my kids a little anyway and I let it slide this once and then they get mad at me for not 'busting my kids a$$' as they put it when they are too hyper? what? anyone else experience this kind of crap? Are they envious because I'm a stay at home mom and don't go out and drink all the time and just go out leave my kids with baby sitters all the time? cause they make me feel like a bad parent and my husband humiliates me and says 'she don't bust their 'a$$ she wants to do time out" and they are like oh my gosh. and once I said "I use to spank more but my kids get marks easily and I felt bad' and the guy says "so what! I put marks on my kid all the time" okay his son wasbarley 2 years old. and my son was not even 1 and a half and just running in the resturant. adn they got mad and left because my special needs kid was screaming and embarrased them cause I wouldn't keep spanking him.