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Discipline occuring in religious education class
02/16/2010 at 20:39 PM

My son (age 11) attends Catholic CCD class in the evenings and his teacher has disciplined him in front of the class. She had him stand in the center of the room with his arms out to his side (Just as Jesus did on the cross) and she placed a bible in the palm of each hand - this was for two minutes...he lowered his arms a bit because they hurt and she tacked on an additional minute. Is this considered corporal punishment?

When I picked him up from class he started crying in the car. He told me what happened and told me he did nothing wrong to provoke this. (This has been confirmed by another student who's mother teaches the 7th & 8th grade class). I have since contacted the Priest of our church and he said he would "check into it." I would like your opinions as to what should be done on my part or what you think of this. I will respect any and all opinions.