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Daughter constant arguing
02/02/2012 at 23:41 PM

My 18 year old daughter is a good girl, but one thing that seems to be increasing is her arguing. I try to hold a calm discussion with her initially, but it always escalates to an argument because she cannot accept whatever rule or dicipline I am giving her. Slowly she begins to argue and require further explanations to the point I have enough. I do not feel I have to give 2-3 repeated explanations just to have to explain 2 more because she is not satisfied with my answers. Today I turned off her cell phone after I had enough and she threw a tamtrum. I remained quiet and would not discuss it further until she calmed down. To this time she has calmed, but we have not talked. Maybe a good night sleep will help.


This is a developmental stage. Part of it is that she is developing into a rational thinker. When she starts to ask for explanations/justification from you, ask her for her opinion first. Engage her in this part of the conversation for 5 or 10 minutes. Then think about what she says. Who knows, you both might learn something.

I'm just curious what kind of rules or dicipline you are trying to impose on an 18 year old. I'm thinking back to when I was that age and I remember my parents treating me more like an adult than a child. I'm hoping by the time my children reach that age they will have a good grasp on what right and what's wrong and I they will be discussing their plans with me as a courtesay but not really to be setting alot of rules/dicpline at this age....with that said this is assuming they are doing the things in life that are required to be on the right track, in school, job, and not in trouble with anything major like drugs,crime,teen pregnancy etc.

Is she getting ready to go away to college? Or getting ready to move out of the house? Often, and especially at this age, they need to make it easier to leave the nest...it's easier to leave if it's not as happy a place. They're not doing it consciously, but it could be a piece of what is going on.