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crying and temper tantrums
10/22/2008 at 15:12 PM

I have a daughter that is 14mths old and she is having temper tantums. While I have two other children, I thought that this wouldnt happen until 2 years of age. In her case, it starts now. What my question is... What can I do to stop this, so it wont get worst? When she doesnt get her way, she throws a fit and cries and I mean a loud cry. She is very strongwilled and I dont know what to do. I really didnt have this problem with the other two. Please help. I need all the advice I can do.

P.S. She gets worst when we are in public.


Don't give in to her, but pick your battles. If the situation is a safety one, put your foot down. If it's something more minor, you cld probably let things slide a bit. Just don't let your daughter walk all over you. You're the boss, and if you don't let her know that now, it will only get worse when she's older. Try time-outs or taking things away that she really cares about. See what works best for you. Whatever you do, though, don't give in once you commit to something. If you do this, you're daughter will think she can get away w/ anything. As for the tamtrums, I wld just let her tamtrum. As long as your daughter is not hurting herself, ignore this behavior. You don't want to give negative attention to her. That's what she wants--attention. When your daughter does something really good, however, make a big deal about it, and tell her how happy and proud you are of her and her behavior. Good luck!

Oh, and in public places, pick up and leave if you can. Otherwise put back the toy that she wants from the store. Explain to your daughter that it's not ok to behave that way. You might even want to prepare her before going out. Set the rules, and stick to them. If she's behaving well, again make a big deal about it, and tell her she's being really good, and you think she's going to get a prize. Just the other day, I had my boys w/ me in the store which is always a challenge. I told them before hand, if they behave well, they can each get a balloon. I kept reminding them how good they were being. We went to 3 different stores that day, and I was so happy w/ how well they did. Believe me it's not always that easy, but you take what you can get. 8-)

Dear concerned, Thanks for the advice. I will definitely use it to make things better. It gets difficult at times and I just didnt know what to do, but with your help. Everything should become easier. Thanks again

Glad to help.