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07/09/2009 at 03:18 AM

Hi all! I just wondered what you guys do with a child that bites you when he doesn't get his way (my son just turned 4 last week). I'm debating on how to handle this one. Thanks for your advice.


Don't bite him back!!!! Look him in the eyes, tell him biting is wrong and hurts. Give him alternatives: Use your words, say I am very angry right now, etc. It is just a phase, one he will get through with gentle understanding.

i agree look him in the eyes my nephew was the king of biting and that is how they got through it that and some timeouts and they also used the reward system .

I agree w/ the other posters. You can also try a small amount of vinegar on your child's tongue. We used this, not for biting, but for being disrespectful. This shld be a last resort. I know parents that have used it for biting too. Some say it's helped.