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bi-poler toddler?
01/11/2010 at 18:11 PM

my stp-son is almost 3. i know its normal to have the tantrums and compleatly expected it when the time came. but i dident expected this....

he will kick hit bit spit pull hair anything and everything that will cause you bodily harmt and he is able to do it....he will. his real mom is not in the pic, nor dose he even know who she she is.for all he knows i am his birthmom. he acts like this to me and his father. this morning he was being mean to his little brother that is one yelling at him. i went in the playroom to tell him to say sry and step outa the room for a bit(go lay down for a few mins) then he went from the oh no face im in trouble to outa no were started yelling at me kicking hitting punching, and throwing toys. i honestly dont think this is normal at all. please help, what should i do with this behavior? i punish him it seems like the next time he in trouble he dose even worse. dose he need help? doe he need medication????? help?

Does this usually happen at a certain time of day?

nope. it is 24/7 about 30min ago he freaked out on me and starting hitting with a bit of yelling over the tv channel. i dont understand how a child so young can have or know such rage. the anger in his eyes is scary.

Well my opinion won’t be popular and may cause some extra back and forth, but here I go. Where is the father when this child is acting out? How is this child dealt with while throwing a tantrum? If he has not had discipline and been made aware of boundaries, there is nothing abnormal here. If you expect this type of behavior from him, you will get it. I am a firm believer in spanking. Now before the word “abuse” starts getting thrown around, let me say that when I say spank, I do not mean striking a child anywhere except on their rear, pants up, and only open hand. I use one swat to get their attention, and that seems to do the trick. My kids are older now, and I have found several new ways to punish without spanking. I use restriction, sentences, loss of privileges, early bed times, or whatever I feel is necessary given the situation. But when a child is out of control, and refuses to listen, as a parent it is up to you to regain that control. Remember that someday this child will be a teenager, it’s best to curb this behavior now rather than later.

his father works nights so he sleeps the first half of day but is always home...more or less i guess you can say. he will act out infron of his dad and not infront of. he gets in trouble he is put to bed for he throws a little tramtrum and if its like it has been all week with the hitting kicking and screaming at me he gets a spankin and sent to bed for like 30 min then he can come talk to us and hope he learnes from that. yes i think spankin is a ok way of punishment its letting them know what they are doing is wrong. us as parents refrane from doing it unless it is compleatly needed. when he acts this way dam right he will spanks. i wont let my step son talkand treat me this way and will not let my son talk and treat me this way.

I think sngldad's advice shld be tried first and consistently. Also you and your husband (when he's home) need to be on the same page or it won't work. If after some time you don't see a change in your son, then you shld look into this further. A good child psychologist cld be helpful too. How old is your stepson BTW?

Sorry, just realized in your first post you said he's almost 3. Cld be an age thing too. Try to keep your stepson busy w/ things he really enjoys doing. He may be just bored, and as a result he's acting out badly. Give it some time before you jump to conclusions.

Exploring hands are always looking for things to handle, so give the young explorer word associations to help him sort out what he may touch.thanks for sharing the information. Regards, Jack - discipline toddler