Appropriate Curfew Time for a 14 year old?
12/29/2010 at 15:47 PM

I am 14 years old and I think I'm a very responsible person. I am a mostly straight A student with the occasional B. I make very good choices, I have never even thought of drinking or smoking. I never leave anywhere on weekdays. But my parents always make me come home early.
The other day, I was at the movies. It was about 8 o clock when the movie finished. My mother wanted me home right after the movie, even when I told her that everybody was going to hang out at my senior friends house. This may sound sketchy, a freshman hanging out at a seniors house, but let me tell you, he is very nice and a respectable young man. We're very close. So when everybody went to his house, I had to go home. Driven by my mother.
I am on Christmas Break right now, and my mom still wants me home early. I think that, during break, it is appropriate time is 10 o clock. Any suggestions?

It may be helpful to find a therapist who specializes in these issues.


Try to take a step back. See if you can understand how profoundly your choice--either to step up and be the mom, or to step away from this child--will affect his life, his community and the world he lives in. If you can be relied upon to put his interests before your own, as if he were your 'own', you will make a big difference in the world. I know that many of the people on this forum would regard you as a hero if you could make that sacrifice.