5 yr old son is impossible when upset
12/17/2010 at 23:45 PM

when our son gets upset he whines and complains continuously, for example when he can't get something his way. he's so stubborn. when we tell him there will be a consequence he just gets more rude and annoying. when we sit him in a time out he yells at us and says mean things while being timed out. it seems the best approach is to be firm and consistent and just keep following the same rules until certain behaviors become extinct, but he's so stubborn. he really knows how to push our buttons.

how do you handle this?

Do not ever "tell her she is fat". Have a discussion with her about healthy lifestyle. If there are health issues in your family such as diabetes or high blood pressure, point that out to her.


Perhaps your daughter doesn't have any hang-ups about her weight and if she is happy with her body image, then leave her alone. Only intervene if she does find it a problem. That is the crux of the matter however, ascertaining if she is unhappy with the extra weight. We don't all want to follow the media idea that we all have to be 'skinny minnies'to look or feel attractive or sexy.