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4 year old ipad junkie
05/28/2014 at 07:39 AM

i can not move my boy from playing games on ipad, when i take it from him he is absolutely mad. i tried to switch him to storybooks, but no use and now looking for some good interactive storybooks - any suggestions?

My 8 year old is the same exact way. I try to keep it to a minimal but he will literally throw tantrums and I find myself giving in. So what I did was make him have story time for 1 1/2 hours a day on the iPad. Then after story-time he goes back to his games. It's still not fixing the problem completely, but until I figure something else out or her gets over this at least he's still reading in between. Good luck.

Funbrain Jr. (a sister website to Family Education) has great free online stories to read with your child!

Who is the one in charge? Is it REALLY easier in the end to give in and let them do what they want. Read the research about children staring at screens, they are living in a 2D world and it affects all aspects of their development. You are doing them no favours by allowing it to continue. Okay, they are going to sound off when you stop them, but they can always earn a little 'screen time' every day.