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3yr old not listening (preschooler-special ed)
08/28/2008 at 14:55 PM


I am new to the website and I thought I would ask for advice. I have a 3yr old son that is in special ed at school. He just started and not listening to teacher. She has to remind him alot to listen and follow directions. My son does this alot at home as well and I dont know what to do. Sometimes he acts like he understands me perfectly and listens which makes me think that it's okay to discipline him, so he knows to listen. But other times he seems to not understand, so I dont want to push. What should I do?

Any advice would be appreciated.


You said your son is in spec ed. What services is he receiving? My son is also in spec ed, and he's now 5. He still has some behavior and focusing problems. A lot of it has to do w/ how the brain works, and it may be one aspect of his disability. It also may be age related. What 3 yr old listens all the time? Have you had your son evaluated? I assume you have if he qualifies for spec ed services. My son sees a developmental pediatrician once or twice a yr to monitor his progress. We've also brought him to a therapist who deals specifically w/ children w/ behavior difficulties and teaches parents how to better handle them. I wld start w/ that. In addition talk to your son's teacher and see if there's anything the school can do to better help your son. They have to do something. At home, structure your day as best as possible. My son functions so much better in a structured environment. We also found that a smaller class size w/ more individualized attention has helped our son to better focus. A lot of times, children like ours are very smart. They may just have some kind of interfering condition that interups their learning and behavior. W/ the appropriate therapies, over time, many of these kids improve. Be patient. I know it's tough, but you'll get there. In the beginning it's hard just trying to absorb everything and accept it. However, once you get past that part, your focus will shift to doing all you can to help your child. I wish you and your family all the best.

I have five sons and one is special ed and goes through the samething he does have ADHD and with meds it has made a world of diffence we still have issues but its gotten so much better. He is now six and I think as they grow older it does get better