3 year old out of control
01/08/2012 at 09:36 AM

I dont know what to do anymore. Myparents are being ridiculous. They tell me that I am so mean to my daughter when I have to fight her to eat, fight her to go to bed and fight her to get her hair done and get dressed. I am so @#$%% sick of it! Im so ready to scream and tell them off! I cant take anymore. Today I am trying to get her hair brushed and my mother is letting her get away with her doing her hair instead of me and she says in front of her that I am so mean to her. So now my daughter is calling me mean. The other night I fought and fought and fought to get her to bed and my mother allowed her to stay up. I cant be a &%#@*& parent in this house and Im full of pent up anger and Im gonna blow! What do I do? My parents wont allow me to be her parent at all. They continuously tell me that I am so mean to her and how Im not a nice mother, so she runs around telling me Im mean and stuff. What do I do? Help!!! Im really close to exploding! My daughter is out of control! And my parents make meout to be the bad guy, constantly. But now my daughter wont even listen to me at all!