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Grandson's Reflux
11/09/2009 at 12:14 PM

My grandson, dob 10/14, has been diagnosed with Acid Reflux. My daughter-in-law is successfully breastfeeding, plans to continue for a year and is very careful of her diet. The baby having this is not surprising since my son and my daughter had this as infants. My grandson is in a great deal of pain, cries a lot and has developed difficulty staying asleep. Yesterday, the doctor put the baby on Mylanta every 6 hrs and will move on to Zantac if the painful reflux continues.

We are looking for advice on ways to combat the reflux naturally if possible. It is just so difficult seeing him in so much pain and being unable to do anything to relieve the pain. My son and d-i-l are stressed out from worry and lack of sleep and will appreciate any help given.

I have a friend whose baby had reflux. She is nearly 2 now, but she actually had to have surgery. When I would relieve the mom and take care of the baby, it was really hard because she just cried and cried. I hope somebody has some strategies for you.

He seems to cry less when I am there helping with him but I live over an hour away and work 2 jobs so am unable to spend as much time with them as they would like. It is just frustrating as a grandmother to see the baby in so much pain. My son and daughter-in-law are 1st time parents at 32 and 30 and are really having a difficult time with the situation. My daughter-in-law had a rosy vision of a Gerber commercial baby so the reality is especially difficult for her.

My son, born premature, had reflux that caused him discomfort.. the healthcare provider suggested he stay at a 30 degree angle especially after feedings. It helped him sleep longer during the night, and he seemed more content while awake. Good Luck Carol Crosby, MN

Good suggestion. I would suggest also that your daughter in law keep the baby at an angle when breastfeeding. It is somewhat hard to do, but can be done with a Boppy or pillow of some sort. Good luck.

Our first baby had infant reflux, and eventually out grew it (around 3 or 4 months old). But those 3-4 months were almost sleepless. Aside from feeding at an angle, burp often, and swaddle (wrap the baby snugly-like a burrito, like the nurses did at the hospital) when it's time to sleep. We would use warm receiving blankets heated in the dryer. Not hot, but warm. That would buy us a couple hours of uninterupted sleep. Wrapping an extra blanket snugly around her tummy, inside the swaddle, was an extra measure on our bad days.

Thank you for all the suggestions. Am driving up tonight after work to spend the night and help out so my son and d-i-l can try to get some sleep. My son is very concerned that holding the baby to keep him upright for 30 minutes after feeding will cause him to become used to being held while sleeping. He wants the baby to be sleeping on his own as much as possible so he will develop good sleeping habits. I have read that this does not need to be enforced until 6 months old. Any feedback is appreciated.

There is a *wedge* available that secures the baby is the angled position. As for getting used to being held, I say hold the baby! Call it bonding with daddy time if you need to. When my little guy needed to be at an angle, I used the carrier for that, rolled receiving blankets tucked at his side to hold him in place. I made sure to shift his little hiney to take the pressure off frequently, a blanket under him, made that pretty easy as to not disturb him by lifting him up. Carol Crosby, MN

This is the type of wedge I was referring to in my last post. Good Luck! Carol Crosby, MN

Sleeping on an incline is almost a must for a baby with reflux, simply because the angle helps keep things down. Our bassinet had a feature that allowed it to tilt, but a wedge would probably be easier to find. Also something else I remembered, we use to use herbal infant drops , from GNC, I don't remember the name, but they were suppose to aid digestion. I also don't remember if they actually worked, but our doctor had okayed it, and it made us feel like we were actually doing something to help.

Thanks again for the suggestions. She tried the Boppy while feeding and that helps keep him more upright. After being up there for the overnight, am wondering if my d-i-l being a nervous first time mother may be causing some of the issues. He was very good when I was there calmly tending to him. She gets anxious when he cries for any reason and very upset when he has an incident of reflux. Sure wish there was a way to help her be more calm with the baby. My son is very helpful and supportive and she is now asking him to take off work to be there to help with the baby and wants me to come up more often for overnight help.

Babies do sense your anxiousness. Have your dil drink some Goodnight Tea or tea with Camomile (sp?) and that might help her relax and it might help the baby to relax as well. Good luck.