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Caring for a sick child...the HUSBAND
12/11/2009 at 14:11 PM

When your DH gets sick, does he act like a child? Acts as if he can't take care of himself?

yes i think most men are like that.

Yes, and when I am sick, usually does not even notice. Men, what are we gonna do with them?

Sorry, gals, I think beating up on guys for the way they tend to handle illness is unworthy of us. A couple of years ago when I needed people to work shovels in my yard, the women were great moral support, but it took the men, with their superior upper body strength, to get the job done. A physiological fact--prostaglandin is the chemical that enhances your nervous system's ability to perceive pain. It also is involved in making little baby boys masculine, affects brain structure and muscle mass in developing embryos. Get over yourselves, ladies. Most of the men I've heard speak about watching their wives give birth have been absolutely astounded, humbled, by our ability to endure pain. I think it's time we acknowledged that, by nature or by God, we have been designed so that we are less affected by pain, and we need to be humble about that.

While already understanding why, it is still annoying that he makes a big deal out of every little thing. I have not missed a day of work for years, no matter how ill or bad I feel and he has missed many days for minor issues. Not trying to put down males in general, just letting the original poster know she is the the only one dealing with this.

Watching from the sidelines.

Oh, come on SnglDad, weigh in on this and liven up the discussion!