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02/28/2008 at 00:48 AM
im only 17 and i just would like to be able to communicate with someone about how i have overcome was a long road to recovery and i wonder how many other teenagers/kids are dealing with this kind of thing

    I have some adult friends who have come through cancer--one is in her 30's.  I am old, but I remember that I was 17, once.  I can't imagine what it is like, so if you wouldn't mind educating me, I would be interested in learning. 

   I was trying to think of someone to refer to this site, but my children don't have any associates who are in your place.  The only person I know of who had cancer in high school had lymphoma, but he is nearly 30 now, and earning a living and rearing his family, so I didn't even ask him.


we just found out my 12 year old has a brain cancer called PTLD its rare.I know you must go through alot as we are also. If want to share info im here for you.

Cancer runs in my family, so I know how hard it is to struggle w/ such a disease. You shld be so proud of yourself for staying strong and positive through your ordeal. I'm sure it wasn't all easy, but you're here now, and that's proof that if you can overcome cancer, you can pretty much overcome anything. Good for you! I also think it's great that you're reaching out to others as a support and positive role model. It gives people hope that they to can beat the disease and live a long fulfilling life.