Surgery - FamilyEducation
03/31/2008 at 09:53 AM

My daughter is 4 and going to have surgery to remove her tonsils, adnoids and remove the fluid in her ears. How much would you tell her and when? I'm nervous and trying to stay calm.

The morning of the surgery, I would tell her she is going to the doctor (hospital)  to have an operation, and that she will be safe, and that when she wakes up she will have a bad sore throat for a few days. Whether you are religious or not, this would be an opportunity for you to choose to pray if you wish.  Personally, I'd pray today, just so I could be the calm foundation that she needs.  It works for me.  Also, for yourself, try to find Bill Cosby's routine about tonsils. 

I agree with Gail myself. I had to get my tonsils and that taken out also. I think you all will do the best I hope you all will have a safe surgery. your friend, ♣ winterlylove37 ♣

I think surgery is the best option please don't get nervous, just go for a Good hospital and relax you daughter will come back safe and healthy, Best of luck for you and your Daughter

Its really scary.. I have read about it ..!!