Can it be something else?
10/15/2010 at 14:53 PM

I have an 8yr old boy who writes his numbers and letter backward. He has some trouble reading and alot of trouble writing. He was tested for Dyslexia and he didn't fall in the range for it. I have asked the school to do more testing and they have all these guild lines they have to do before they will do farther testing. I'm wondering if there is another learn issue that could cause him to continue to write his letters and numbers backwards.

Is this just rote practice, or are you teaching him to write words? I find that boys, especially, do better when they are using their knowledge.

There's a piece on here somewhere with a very practical writing program. It starts with c, e, a, then the child can write the word 'ace'. Then s, then o, then d, I'll see if I can find it and link it for you.


I have him writing the words, but at school they are practicing the single letters as well. That is what he is having a problem with. I also think that it is a power play, but I still am at the end of my ideas. I would appreciate the link if you could find it! Thanks!


Ask the teacher if she is okay with him writing words at school. If her goal is just to get him to develop better fine motor skills then this will be okay with her. I spent quite a while looking for that program--it's on these boards, and the woman put a copyright on it but said it was fine for anyone to use as long as they found it on this site. I'll look some more.


Thank you! I appreciate your help!


I think it's been removed, maybe because of the copyright.

You could just use the letters they have taught at school to make words, and let him write words using those letters.