BOTTLE WEANING!!!!!!! - FamilyEducation
08/02/2010 at 00:11 AM

ahhh!!!!!! my daughter will be two in September and still has a bottle at bed time (i know...shame shame). Ive never had such a hard time getting a bottle away from a kid! Im pullin my hair out! :( She sleeps in her toddler bed just fine with a bottle, but we took it away and she cries and beats on her door. Her dad is going to give it back and give in to her if i dont convince him there's some sense in what im doing... HELP!!! she's currently been crying for 17 mins straight...and that's not like her at all! IM GOING CRAZY!

Did you get through the night OK? I always weaned my kids to a cup at about 1 year, but my last one I used sippy cups and she ended up with cavities.

I cut a hole in the end of the nipple and let my daughter keep having it. The milk would pour out some a after a couple of times of that, she no longer wanted the bottle. Sometimes she would ask and I would say remember it's broke and we would look at it and she didn't want it and never took it again!:)

"(i know...shame shame)" Why do you feel shame over this? It is not shameful. Your daughter needs comforting and she is getting it from having a bottle. If you particularly want to change this situation because of the risk of cavities, then perhaps you can try giving her water, or switching to a pacifier/dummy. You and her dad need to be in agreement, but I suggest you reconsider the need to remove the bottle. Your daughter is still very young and clearly (due to her response) she needs her comfort. Matt TheBestForMyChild
24513 I don't really see anything here, it is normal for a 2 year old to still have milk on a bottle. Let the child enjoy his milk and time will come that she herself will realize that it is no fun anymore. If you really want to get rid off this habit though, I suggest you train her to drink from other means, do it slowly and don't push her to do it if she is not ready.