Bill HR 5628 "Ban Corporal Punishment in Schools Act"
10/31/2010 at 20:17 PM

My son at the age of five was shown a three foot long wooden paddle by his Kindergarten teacher during his first week of school. To this date I have to home-school him because he is terrified of school and I would hope that all people would realize that all violence against a child should be against the law. When confronted by me his principal at the time told me and I quote that she had already used the wooden paddle to beat a child from his class and that if the teacher didn't get control of her classroom "she wouldn't get her test scores." (the teacher had brought the paddle to the reading carpet and threatened it's use on any child who didn't behave) For more information on this issue please visit My children and I have personally protested at the Texas state capital in Austin last month and are headed there again this month to gain community support and awareness of this issue. These insane paddle wielding educators must be stopped. It's no wonder that bullying is such a problem in schools these days, just take a look at the sick example their violent educators are role modeling for them.