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being grounded for 4 months
09/16/2010 at 21:17 PM

I did a really horrible thing to my mom... I just started college and have a lot of homework for math, I went to the tutoring center to get help and didn't ask for any and sat there for 5 hours while my mom was waiting for me in the mall. I lied to her and told her that everything was completed and because of my lying I lost everything that has to do with John Cena and no dvd's cd's vhs tapes and everything in my room is disconnected and I won't get it back until the end of the semester... do you have any advice? also, I can't go to any wrestling shows with my dad either. any advice?

1. Tell her you are sorry that you made her worry. 2. Tell her you are sorry that you made her worry. 3. Tell her you are sorry that you made her worry.

Do lots of work around the house. Fix meals and clean up after. Make your own room as clean as an army barracks. Ask your mom if there is anything you can do that will help her. Not that will help her FEEL better. Just that will help her.

If you have to go somewhere, tell her your plans. If your plans change, call her and tell her your new plans. If you don't get hold of her, go home and write a note so she knows if you change plans. This program is called 'eating crow'. If you do this, you have a better chance of her easing up than if you argue with her. Your other alternative is to find a different place to live. She doesn't owe you a place to live now that you are in college, but if she is providing a place for you to live, she needs to know that you are safe.