10/26/2010 at 12:32 PM

I am a Single Mother, and I have a child whom is Six years old and has serious behavior issues at school. My child is defiant, when something does not go my Childs way or gets reprimanded goes off and starts running around, throws things does not do anything and on and on this has caused problems in school and the child is very very good academically but the behavior is bad and the child is bright. I am desperate with this situation my job is in the line because I have to be in school every day almost and my child has been diagnosed with ADHD but I do not know what else to do the school is telling me my child should be medicated and I do not know what to do? I have told this to the Psychiatrist and am working on it but I am desperate this behavior I saw myself one day I happened to be at school and it was like if my child was blocked and could not stop and kept on.
Please help me! I am desperate!
Please give me advice on how to deal with this situation.
Very concerned mommy

Does the behavior happen only at school? What happens when you as a parent frustrate your child's wants?

Thank You Mayamay for your reply. No, this is mostly happening at school,at home my child has as any growing child as a tantrum sometimes.

Sounds like you're going through a tough time. I hope it gets better. I'll throw in my 2 cents worth and maybe it'll be helpful. When you choose not to medicate, you have to look at all your other options for dealing with ADHD. One of the easiest things that you can do is cutting down on sugar and preservatives in your child's diet. Avoid things like prepackaged snacks, brightly colored sugary drinks, hot dogs, processed cheese, etc. Limit candy and carbonated drinks. As far as behavior, talk to your child about what kind of behavior you expect, and what the punishment will be when they misbehave. Follow through with the punishment. And don't forget to equally reward good behavior.
25300 not sure if this link will work but its an article about cooking for hyperactive children and why diet is important.

Thank You AlabamaX3 for your reply and opinion. I really appreciate your response. I could use all the advice that I can get. I think at this point I am probably going to need to Medicate my child because the situation in school is serious. I just need to ask someone so little what Medication that anyone knows or has experienced has worked to assist with this ADHD And calm behavior?.

Do you modify your expectations and behavior because you don't want your child to pitch a fit? It could be that your child has a medical condition, or it could be that your child has found a way to manipulate you. It is very difficult to tell the difference. My cousin was opposed to medicating, but finally medicated her boy in 5th grade. He did so much better, and eventually, in about 9th grade, was able to do OK in school without medication. He says the time on the medication made it so he could experience academic success and obtain skills and knowledge, and that prepared him to succeed when his nervous system matured enough for him to work without medication Try the medication--if your child improves and the side effects are not severe you are way ahead. If your child doesn't improve, then you know for sure that it is a different problem. Also try teaching your child to be more skilled at coping with frustration. Tell him some acceptable behaviors-- acceptance, negotiation, letting off steam through acceptable physical activity.

Thank you Mayamay. For your advice and reply as well as everyone who wants to give any advice, please feel free to do so. I since then saw that the Therapy with the Psychologist has helped going every week for my child. I have decided that I will try giving my child Concerta it recommended by a friend whom started giving it to her child after he was diagnosed with ADHD and has actually advanced in school and no more complaints and he has not experienced any side effects whatsoever, and is the same age as my child. I hope that this works please give me anyone willing to reply any advice is welcomed and please let me know if anyone knows about Concerta? Thank you all in advance for your replies.

Hi Chinalinda, You didn't mention anything about your circumstances being a single parent. Are you a single parent by choice or through a divorce or death of your spouse? There could be some major issues be acted out based on that answer. If you are a divorced single parent and your child is involved with his/her father, are you and he on the same page with your parenting boundaries? I have seen many children display very bad behavior due to the inconsistencies of the parenting perspectives of their mother and father. It is also possible that your child could be reacting from being in school all day plus after school care since you are a single working mom. Six is a young age and many children just don't handle the long school day plus after school care. It would be helpful to know a little more to give you some additional advice and I do have some to offer.

sometimes child behave like kiddish.If it happens in a school only then complain to teacher they will notify this things but as he is small so he also don't have an idea about what the right things or not?

Hi I understand your concerns and issues as I have 2 boys myself. My oldest who is 6 has adhd, pdd, and sensory issues! Right, now I feel as I am in the battle of a lifetime dealing with the school and my child. I have choose not to medicate my child right now even if I have been asked by the school a few times. I'm not with my kids dad and my bf of over 2 yrs is at a job 5 hrs away so I'm doing this alone. I'm doing the bahvior route in teaching my child how to cope with issues. Please don't think I'm against medication I just dont believe it is right for my child at this point and time! Needless to say my child is acting out in kindergarten like I have never seen hi act and he even did 2 yrs of a head start program, You are lucky in the aspects they let you be witn your child as I had to fight just to sit in his class

Now are these behaviors every day same time of day or is there something that may set him off! Does it happen more after he sees or talks with other parent or is that parent completely out of thier life? Was there a big change recently? Have you asked the teacher to partnet teach with him? Do they give him some kind of choice during the day? Do they check in with him to see how he is doing? I've been doing lots of RESEARCH and research! I know it is fusterating trust me as I'm there right with you! My child needs breaks to move about he even has his own desk instead of table because he kept playing with the chairs. If you'd like some more information let me know and ilk try to help you and give you support! A good support system pays off!

I have decided that I will try giving my child Concerta it recommended by a friend whom started giving it to her child after he was diagnosed with ADHD and has actually advanced in school and no more complaints and he has not experienced any side effects whatsoever, and is the same age as my child.

Hi chinalinda, I heard your situation, Sometimes the child does kiddish things in the school, he should not be motivated on this, that might can cause problems in the future, you should take care of him, have some check on your child, and always try to make him understand what should be done and what should not to be done.

I haven't experience this with my child because it happened that my wife is the one taking care of him at school when he was a child. I just hope your child will be fine.