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violence@ school vs parental rights
09/16/2011 at 11:25 AM

My son is 9yrs old a sweet child all together.Yesterday he was beaten up by another child @ lunch time.And he did the right thing by reporting it to an adult.The adult brushed it off and told the kids to leave him alone.No official report was made,no phone call to the parents ,not even a letter explaning my son's black eye.Today I went to the school to inquire about the events and filed an official complaint.Now my question is...Does the school principal have the right to speak with my child without a parent present EVEN though I have expressed that I would like to be present when the principal speak to my son.The principal has refused my presence when she would like to hear my son's version of the attack.I feel that my rights are being violated.But I have no proof.i call the school board but all I get is an automated service and answering machines.I've gone to several websites and nothing.Can anyone help?!

I don't think the principal has that right. I'd negotiate with the principal--find out what advantage there is to having you be not present--perhaps in the next room with the door open would be acceptable.

Do you know who the kids are that assaulted your son? Does your son know? I would write the principal and in that letter tell what happened to your son while on school grounds. I would also include the name of the adult your son spoke with right after the attack. I would tell her that I have tried to work with her but my requests to be present while she speaks with my son have been dismissed by her. Take pictures of your son’s injuries and have him write in his own words and handwriting everything that happened. The next step is to take this assault completely out of the schools hands and contact the local police and file a report. When it comes to protecting your child, leave no stone unturned. Sounds like the principal wants this to go away.

I agree wholeheartedly with what Singledad says. You can't let bullies get away with it, and the school is actively supporting bullies because it does nothing to stop it recurring. Take it as high as you need to to protect your son from this happening again. He needs to feel safe at school.