Son with ADD? Could there be some alternative therapy?
05/30/2008 at 04:17 AM


I really think my son has ADD.  He is not hyperactive but he has alot of trouble staying on task and focusing.  He is quite impulsive and stays in trouble at school...talking, not finishing work, .  My husband is opposed to starting him on any kind of  prescribed medication at this early age of 7. Has anyone had any success with other therapies?   I just want  my son to do well in school and have postive social interactions instead of being viewed as the boy who stays in trouble.  Thanks

Omega 3 fish oils. Check out this link

My youngest son has ADHD and Asperger's. He was on medication [Ritalin] for a few years and that really helped, but then we started on omega 3 in high doses then maintenance doses and we noticed a great difference as he did himself. Might be worth a try. I have talked to lots of other parents with this problem and they all found it helped.


Hi mom I really understand your feelings. My grandson is ADDH and he has been on medication since he was 4 years old. He is going to repeat third grade next year, because at the begining of the year he was sick and had to have surgery, but he had all the simptoms that your son is having now and even with that I think if there is another way try it first before medication.

Medication took away Jays appetite completely and he was jumpie, even when he was on the meds. He's out of school for the summer and he stays with us during the day while our daughter is at work. I'm trying something different to see if we can get him off of this medication. I've scheduled activites to keep him busy and he's eating three meals plus stacks at our house. No medicine, just attention and extra help on the things that he missed last year due to illness. The healthfood store is suppose to have something that I hear is really good, but I need to check again to find out what it is. I never got it to use, but we will try anything to keep him off of that medicine.He's happier and he eats like never before. So before you consider meds, be sure that it's ADD because there are a lot of side effects while taking it.

I pray that you will get an answer and it will be the best one for your little one. They don't understand what's happening to them their little bodies are just going at such rapid speed and they get into everything without thinking, but because they belong to God it will be alright, because he will take care of the situation. Be prayerful and expect an answer as I pray for your little one as our Jay has been freed from the bondage that he was in since he was 4 years old and yes, I really do believe that because our grandson is doing fine now. Prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door. God bless you and yours


I did reply on this thread last night but the message came up that it would have to be checked out first. I notice that our local head case managed to get a message on though.
My youngest has ADHD and Asperger's. He was on medication for a few years [Ritalin] which gave him a more 'normal' life. Medication is not the evil that some people like to make out. I have a son who is 15 years older than this one and he never got diagnosed. He was just labelled 'bad kid' and never got the help he needed. I am sure if he had been treated like my youngest son then his life would be simpler now. Medication helped my son to focus and get through. He is doing very well now.
After a few years, we started giving my son Omega 3 fish oils instead. There are excellent reports about these and even he noticed a big difference. I also have spoken to other parents who have tried it and they were very impressed also. Check this link
Cmamom, I am glad that you have found something to have faith in, but I would rather rely on something tangible. My son doesn't belong to god, he is his own person. I don't believe in this ancient fairy story. How can anyone look around the world today and believe in this entity called god.
Sorry, don't mean to offend anyone out there who is a believer, but at the same time, this is my opinion.




Sorry, just testing a minute ago. I have tried to reply to this thread a few times only to get a screen which says my comments will have to be checked in case of spam amnd then they disappear never to be seen again.
My youngest son has ADHD and Asperger's. He is nearly 19 now. I have a son who is 32 and also has the condition. My older son was not diagnosed with this he was grown up, whereas my youngest has had treatment for his. This included Ritalin, which gave him a nearly 'normal' life. Unlike his older brother, he was now able to focus and learn. Medication is not the evil that some people like to make out it is. A few years ago while studying chioldcare at college, I heard about the benefits of Omega 3 to children who have ADHD, ASD's etc. I also kept in touch with other mothers who have tried it. There was a big difference in my son, and all my friends who tried it found it really helped too. There is a product called Eyeq from a company called Equazen. I did put a link to it on before but that is perhaps what is happening to my posts. My son is doing very well at college now.
Cmamom, I mean no disrespect, but I can't see prayer as an alternative therapy. Look at the world around you. However, if you think that is what helped you then carry on. I personally would not like anyone to pray for me or any of my family. I trust that your daughter is okay with you taking her son off medication.


Your message appears here I think 3 x, so it did post. I haven't tried the omega 3 treatments yet for my son. I'm waiting til his next appt in Aug to talk to his dr. I will keep you posted, though.


Sorry about repeating myself. Thought it was not going to appear.


That's ok. Just wanted to let you know.


All I can say is absolutely do NOT put your son on any meds. and do NOT send him to any councilor or therapy. Be VERY patient and loving with him. He will turn out just fine. He's a kid, hes gonna have a small attention span. If you tell him he has ADD and put him on meds or have a Councilor pounding in his head that he has a Disorder, he WILL have one and he will use it as an excuse to do things. He will give himself restrictions and have low self esteem. I PROMISE you do not do that to him and he will the be best son in the whole world when he is 20. He will be grateful as well! It may be hard sometimes and take 20 years for him to grow up but you will be so happy you didn't put him on anything! (be extra patient in High School- it's hard)



Sometimes you do need to get therapy or medication or both.


I think it's important to be as informed as possible about your child and his/her disability. Each child is different. Also, listen to your child's dr, and maybe even get a second opinion. My son has some focusing problems, but at this pt, it hasn't been recommended that we put him on any meds. He just turned 5. We recently started our son on Omega 3 supplements as Junieg mentioned. I also heard about a product called Attend. The manufacturer is Vaxa International. I don't know much about the product except what I've read in their information pamphlet. Supposedly it's all natural, and it's said to have no side effects. I haven't tried it w/ my son, so I can't tell you if it's helpful or not. It's an option to explore, however, and something you can discuss w/ your child's dr, if you're looking for an alternative therapy. I posted a question about Attend a while ago but got no reponses, so I assume it's not a very well known product, although it's been around for a while I believe. The website is:
Best of luck to you.


I haven't heard of Attend concerned, but maybe we donb't have it in Britain, or it goes by another name. I am interested to find out though if you hear more about it.


Ok, this is really weird. I tried twice to reply to Junieg's last post, but when I hit the 'post comment' button, nothing happened. Is anyone else having this problem? Junieg, please let me know if you rec'd my reply or not. I responded to other posts today as well w/ no problem, so I don't think it's a computer glitch. Then again, I'm not a computer wiz, so who knows.


Ok, now this seems to be working. Here's take 3....
I recently learned about Attend after going to a homeopathic store to purchase Omega 3 supplements for my son. The woman in the shop told me about Attend. She gave me a pamphlet and a CD w/ info about the product. She said it's a great product that works well in treating individuals w/ ADD symptoms. It's supposedly used as an alternative to traditional meds. Again, the website is:
Also, their phone # is: 1-800-248-8292
Maybe you can call or ck out their website for more info.
If I hear anything else about the product, I'll let you know.


chadween, I don't know where you are coming from but your advice is so wrong. Children do not grow out of ADHD and to ignore the problem is storing up trouble.

Concerned, thanks. I did look up the website, and the product looks very interesting.


My spouses son has adhd, and he and his mother proved when they had him for a year that it can be controlled by diet, lots of protien and veggies and cut the sugar!

That was a few years ago, since, his mother has him now and she has resorted to a medication, only by suggestion, in which she figures is just easier way to deal with it at 250$ per month instead of just controlling his diet!

Do some research, there is a way that is better, as sometimes you never know what the future results can be from a drug, in years to come.


Sparkle, I'm glad your child 'grew out' of his problem. It sounds like there was more than that going on with him though. It sounds like there are also parental problems for him to content with too. Maybe he was unsettled again being passed back to his mother after being stable.

ADHD is very rarely caused by diet, although it is true that certain additives can make it worse. ADHD is a physiological problem, not a psychological one. The condition can be seen on brain scans, and the affect of the medication can also be seen on the scan.
One of my children wasn't diagnosed until his very much younger brother was. It was too late for my older son, but my younger one got special help including Ritalin. He had spent a few years in special schools, and being assessed at a hospital boarding school. This included a total exclusion diet. After being prescribed Ritalin, he was back in mainstream school and he is still doing well getting distinctions in college. The medication helped him to focus and made all the difference. He has the chances his brother never will have. Is it a risk anyone would want to take with their child.

I have to say that I have done so much research on the disability, both professionally and as the mother of two children who were affected by it. I am an Early Years Practitioner with many years experience.


my one son who is six takes meds and we also go to the psych. and it has help him so much we could not live without the meds


Neuro Therapy. Check it out. Sessions will teach the brain to focus differntly. It's a kind of brain training. Can help adults too.


Chadween... I have to disagree with you.

ADHD / ADD can be proven medically.

You cannot grow out of it.

Boarderline cases perhaps.

But I am a father of a child with adhd and have it myself also. I can assure you.. it can't be grown out of.

however in reply to the original question:
There are alternative therapies... yes. They are all over the internet. I would advise googling it :)



Children don't have to be hyperactive to have ADD. If your son has problems with impulsivity and focusing at school, it does sound like he might have the condition. I have to agree with many others who responded and say that you might consider medication, or try talking with your husband about it. Many kids benefit from a very small dose.

With that said, he won't instantly improve at school with medication. If your son is diagnosed with ADHD, you're entitled to request accommodations for him. A few simple changes--seating him close to the teacher, or asking the teacher to tap him discreetly on the shoulder if she sees that he's getting off track, or giving him a little extra time to finish his work--can make a tremendous difference. Your son should not have to go though his school career branded a "trouble maker"!

Try adapting this sample letter for requesting accommodations for a child with ADHD, which I found on ADDitude magazine's website.


Check out my posting on "I need advice on how to cope with the anger." Several posting in I have shared an extensive list of alternative therapies which recovered my son from severe autism. ADD is under the same umbrella of developmental disorders as autism. I strongly feel that you can also help your son recover. Educate yourself and never give up.


Since my son started the 2nd Grade, he has had a hard time focusing not only in school but his Karate class too. He seemed as though he was having trouble with Math so we agreed to have him integrate with a study team where he receives individual help with Math. Just yesterday during our meeting, they indicating that he has no trouble but has trouble focusing. He wears glasses for reading and refuses to wear them. The teacher noticed today that he was on the computer just pressing answers without reading them. She has also mentioned that she has to constantly tap him on the shoulder to get him to focus and get his attention, because he zones out often. The class can be finished with most of the problems and he hasn't finished problem one yet. What should we do? My husband had the same problem when younger but grew out of it without the use of meds.Like most, we do not want to result to meds as my husbands mother agreed a long time ago and my husband is fine now.



If your child zones out often you need to check if he does not have absent seizures. This usually takes a few seconds and it sounds like the child just spaced out for a second but its actually a seizure. It can cause learning problems because when the child spaces out he loses track and needs to fill in the gaps by himself.
If the child is diagnosed with add don't ever give him rutalin it has too many side affects. Rather keep him off sugar, white flour, and get rid of all the toxic cleaners in your home including laundry detergents. The toxic chemicals in the detergents causes the cellular level in the body to change which affects the chemistry in the brain and causes an inability to focus properly. A test that was given to kids in a classroom where lysol was sprayed and then aired out for three days was passed by most students. Then the same test was given to the same kids but the lysol was not aired out and sprayed that same day resulted in poorer grades. You can substitute them with mola Luca or shaklee detergents. Although I swear by shaklee everybody is different.
You can also supplement him with a good multi vitamin, omega 3, lecithin, vitamin e and b complex. Protien is the building blocks of the brain. So give him a good source of protien. A soy protien shake is best. The essential fatty acids which are the good oils such as omega 3, lecithin, and vitamin e act as lubricators for the cellmembranes. And the b vitamins together with calcium transfer nerve impulse from one cell to the next and this helps convey messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. I have personally witnessed ADD kids and autistic children change to A students by following the above mentioned program. Some of these kids are mostly also anemic, or they might also have a yeast overgrowth and candida. So you might check into that as well.



I'm curious about the connection you mentioned w/ ADD and anemia. It has just been brought to our attention that our son may be showing more signs of ADD, but he's still being monitored closely by his dr for now. He also is anemic. I have slight anemia as well. When I was pregnant w/ my son, I had a very hard time keeping down my prenatal vitamin which contained iron. For some reason, my body rejects iron. I tried to eat foods rich in iron. I wonder if I got enough.



People with anemia tend to be tired all the time and this causes an inability to focus properly. Unfortunately schools are very quick in labeling a child with ADD or ADHD but don't address the real problem, what causes the child to have ADD/ADHD? Only 2% of the kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are really born with it! The rest of them are only having some underlying problem that causes it. They are given ritalin to control the problem but are not given anything to cure the problem.

You say your son is anemic, my first question is what do you do for it? If you are supplementing his diet with an iron supplement and don't see any results you probably don't use a good form of supplementation. You need to give him a good quality supplement that the body will be able to recognize as food not as a chemical and then absorb it properly. The prescription iron supplement your doctor will recommend is in synthetic form derived from chemicals not from food and is not absorbed by the body and could even cause constipation. If he is taking a good quality supp.and you don't see a difference your son has a digestion problem . His food is not digested properly and therefore his body does not get the right amount of nutrients causing him to be anemic. As I mentioned in my previous post ADD can be a candida problem, and candida causes indigestion and sugar and white flour cause candida so its basically all connected.

Addressing your second question, food is not enough because our soil is so depleted in nutrients our plants get depleted too and our animals who eat the plants barely get enough themselves. According to the FDA one bushel of corn 100 years ago contained the same amount of nutrients as 10 bushels of corn now.
That's very sad.

Hope this answers all your questions if you want to know more I will gladly help.



I just wanted to tell you that there is a slow releasing iron called Slow FE that I took for anemia when pregnant as well. This might be something you can try with your son. Ask your dr. if this would be ok for him to take. Also it is very important they told me to take something with Vit. C to help the iron be absorbed.... like Orange Juice. Also they told me to cook in cast iron pans and eat cereals that are rich in iron, as well as to eat lots of green veggies like spinach.




I just thought I'd share with you what we have discovered with our son. He was diagnosed with adhd in Oct. We started medicine and switched several times until we found one that had very few side effects and worked for him. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right medicine and dosage. My husband and I were not at all happy about having to make this decision, but when it comes right down to it you have to do what you think will help your son. If you have sugar diabetes you treat it, right?!

We are really glad we made the decision to medicate him for his adhd. We have seen improvements in his grades, impulsivity, his interactions with others, his ability to focus and stay on task,etc.

Just recently we had him tested for gifted and we questioned the psychologist about whether the medicine kept him on task, etc. and he said most definitely. He also told us he thought it was a wise decision that we made. On the one section of the testing he scored the highest this psychologist has ever seen in 17 years, and it was a score that I have never seen in my teaching career. He would not have been able to stay focused to get that score and also qualify for gifted I'm quite sure without this medicine.

Am I really happy we have to medicate our son... no, but he has made lots of improvements. One thing you have to be careful with with adhd children is their self esteem. If they are constantly in trouble, as you mention, and being yelled at then it does affect their self esteem. I've witnessed this with the kids I've taught at school.

Also we are doing therapy with a child psychologist to help with the treatment of our son's adhd and possibly the autism spectrum (testing at a hospital next month to specify).

Just our story to give you some thought! Good luck in what ever you decide.



To Unknown and Only,

Thx for your responses to my question about ADD and anemia. Your opinions are interesting. As for me, I have a very rare form of anemia called Thalasemia Minor. It tends to run in families of Mediteranian decent. My mother and my brother had it, and my uncle also has it. Both my children have it as well. There's really nothing you can do for it. The only thing that's advised to avoid is marrying someone who also carries the trait. This is b/c if both parents carry it, they can pass it on to their children in the major form. Thalasemia Major causes a lifetime of problems including the need for blood transfusions. It also can shorten your lifespan considerably.
There's a blood test you can take that indicates if you have the condition or not. It's been advised by my dr not to take iron, b/c like I mentioned before, my body rejects it. My children and I try to eat lots of fresh vegies full of iron which don't seem to bother us.
Like you mentioned, anemia does cause you to be a bit more tired and pale. I also learned that people w/ my condition tend to mature a bit more slowly. I don't really understand that part of it. I was told that I can never be a blood or organ donor either.
All in all, though, it doesn't really affect me. I will ask the dr about the supplements you mentioned. I will also look into the possiblility that my son's ADD symptoms (although not officially diagnosed) may be due to an underlying condition. Thank you both for your insight into this. I truly appreciate it.